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Sociological essay topics.

Sociology is discipline covering numerous issues connected with people, their institutions, groups and relationships. It is also linked with such subject areas, as anthropology, psychology, ethics, cultural and religious studies. All these spheres may seem quite diverse but one should note that human factor is a point connecting them. Once you received an assignment to complete an essay on sociology you are to check the task carefully to know what you are expected to write about. If your topic is not specified you can choose one among the ones, which we prepared for you in our blog post.

Topics for sociological essay.

1.1. General topics.

- Sociology, its scope and research purposes.

- Sociology among other humanitarian subjects.

- The linkages between sociology and anthropology.

- What are the basic differences between sociology and anthropology?

- Methods used in sociology for research.

- Questionnaires as one of the basic sociological methods.

- Types of questionnaires.

- Social psychology.

- Social linguistics.

- How was sociological research interest modified in recent studies?

- The factors influencing the development of sociology.

1.2. Topics about social values.

- The typology of social values.

- The concept of social responsibility.

- Differences between social and personal responsibility.

- Family values.

- Does religion promote family values?

- The philosophical view on family values.

- Social values: philosophy approach.

- The values of forgiveness.

- How were social values modifies within last two decades?

- Materialistic values of modern society.

- The family values of new society.

- The meaning of concept of social welfare.

- Religious values of today.

- Ideological factor in social values development.

- What is political correctness?

- The most effective ways to be politically correct.

- Political correctness and a discourse of tolerance.

- Should political correctness take place in literature?

- How to be responsible of what you say and write: political correctness.

1.3. Topics about beliefs and rituals.

  • Astrology as divination form.
  • The basic beliefs in astrology.
  • Is astrology a science, religion or ideology?
  • Birth customs in [insert country].
  • Ways of treating birth-injured women.
  • The Cannibalism history.
  • The controversial cannibalism evidence.
  • The anthropological factor in cannibalism.
  • Cannibalism issue during the World War II.
  • Etiquettes: should we have rules for behaving at home?
  • School etiquette: basic principles.
  • The general rules of business etiquette.
  • How to avoid violence at work and follow the etiquette?
  • The notion of politeness.
  • Cross-cultural issues of politeness: is it the same all over the world?
  • Moral principles which politeness is grounded on.
  • How to be polite in Japan?
  • The history of taboos.
  • Should we have taboos in art?
  • Equivalents of taboos.
  • Taboos in Roman religion.
  • The most common taboos in modern American society.
  • The reasons for taboos.
  • Should we reduce the topics for taboos?
  • The concept of superstition.
  • Ritual superstitions.
  • Superstitions about sport.
  • The most common superstitions in schools.
  • The reasons to take superstition seriously.
  • The psychological grounds for superstition.
  • Superstitions in European folklore.
  • How to understand the truth, which you prefer not to know.
  • Truth conception.
  • Truth and semantics: how are these notions connected?
  • Does truth depends on semantics?
  • Truth in politics: deliberation and pragmatism.
  • The place of truth in knowledge theory.

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