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Sociology topics for research papers

Sociological research papers are mostly based on argumentative type of writing and often involve the author in conducting such practical kinds of research as questionnaires and gathering statistic data. Basically, every aspects of our life that includes participation and activity of people can be a research subject of sociology. Despite the facet, which you select for elaboration in your research paper, remember that sociological work must be informative, therefore, make sure that you do not lack facts in the paper. The topic that you choose should be interesting and disputable. Check out the ideas of topics, which we prepared for you here.

Topics about family.

  • The concept of family.
  • Typical structure of family nowadays.
  • Family conflicts: causes and effects.
  • Does parent’s behavior influence children?
  • Emotional family traumas.
  • The challenges of being a single parent.
  • How single parenting influence children.
  • Divorce and its effects.
  • Multiracial families.
  • Intercultural relationships in family.
  • Adoption and its challenges.
  • How to keep balance being a good parent and a good worker.
  • The styles of parental upbringing.

Topics about marriage.

  • Marriage institution: the notion and history.
  • Inter-cultural marriages.
  • Divorce and remarriages.
  • Monogamy and polygamy relationships.
  • The successful marriage.
  • Stereotypes about marriages.
  • The role models in marriage.
  • Same-sex marriages nowadays.
  • Should same sex marriages be allowed?
  • Should same sex marriages be allowed to adopt children?
  • The ways to keep balance between successful marriages and work.
  • Woman roles in marriage.
  • The stereotype of ideal husband/ wife.
  • Differences between marriage in Western and Eastern cultures.
  • The institution of marriage in Christianity and Islam: comparative analysis.

Topics about education.

  • The notion of education and its history.
  • The structure of first educational institutions.
  • Educational reforms which are missing today.
  • Education for adults.
  • The differences in adult and children learning.
  • The effective methods of teaching adults.
  • Mainstream cultures in schools.
  • Research methods in education.
  • Top disciplines to study at schools.
  • Should learning a foreign language be a part of primary education?
  • The religious influences in education.
  • Should religion be a part of education?
  • Should students learn a creationist or evolution theory at school?
  • Keeping balance in studying and personal life.
  • Working and studying.
  • Should students be allowed to work full-time?
  • How to build proper relations between student and teacher?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of private education.
  • Public education.
  • How to resolve conflicts between students in group.
  • The role models among high school students.

Topics about religions and communities.

  • Christianity and its influence on daily life.
  • How are different branches of Christianity distinguished?
  • Scientology and its main principles.
  • The basic beliefs of Buddhist.
  • The notion of religious cult.
  • How can religious cult be useful and harmful for a person?
  • Religious tolerance.
  • Why should we be tolerant with people with different religious view?
  • Religious conflicts in past and nowadays.
  • Status of women in Islamic religion.

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