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Speech Format Essay: Writing Out Loud

Speech completion is a multistage process, including the preparation, or background, stage, writing, revising, and speaking out. Additionally, if you do not possess proper rhetorical skills yet you will need to train your address before speaking out in public. Due to numerous steps, which you are to make, our first recommendation is to give yourself enough time. Here we will explain how to structure the speech and to organize the process of its completion.

To start with.

  • First of all, you are to be aware of your intended audience. Knowing who to write for is essential for the persuasive tools, which you use, and the arguments and evidence, which you include. Different social groups, naturally, possess various experience and values and this is why you may need to select the claims, facts and examples according to what your audience appreciate and can be impressed by.
  • The second important point is defining the topic of your speech essay. Usually you get it from your instructor but in some cases you will need to specify it. In other words, you have to select the focus of your speech and formulate it in the way, which will be neither too broad, nor too narrow.
  • Thirdly, mind how much time you will have for speaking out. Usually, it is limited and you have to plan how to build your speech in order not to miss any important points and pieces of evidence. Assess the approximate size of the writing you have to complete and do not forget to train to speak it out before you appear in front of public.

Formatting the speech.

  • The structure of speech format essay is common, typically contains 3 parts: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.
  • The introduction should be presented as opening of the topic. It is a good idea to use some attention getter in this part in order to receive the reader’s or listener’s interest. For this matter, you can consider such tools as curious facts, rhetoric questions, surprising statistic date or personal anecdotes. Remember that all information you include must be relevant.
  • The main body of the paper usually provides the most essential information you want to present. Fill it in with your arguments and evidence that support your claims. Make sure that all of them are logically connected.
  • Conclusion is a section summarizing all work done and all things said. Here you can refer to the attention grabber, which you used in the introduction, as it will create the feeling of completeness. If you have asked the audience some questions you can provide the answers to them in here. This is how you will be able to hold the audience’s interest till the last word.

More tips on speech completion.

  • Although you present your ideas and thoughts in the speech, you have to write them from the audience point of view. This is an effective way to influence the readers and be sure that your speech is effective.
  • You have to be selective to language and patterns, which you choose for expressing your ideas. Remember that different environment and audience require different style of speaking or writing.


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