General Types of Students’ Writings and How to Differ Them: Part 1

Academic Writing

A lot of students like writing assignments and feel excited and eager to tell their own stories in their pieces of work, but, at the same time, a lot of other kids feel frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to writing an essay. Frankly speaking, it's not hard when you know the differences and other aspects of basic types of students' papers. Here are some tips for you on how to learn to impress your mates and teachers with your writing abilities.

Who is Who?

For the beginning, let’s find out what main types of essays are there and try to define them:


It’s a type of writing that includes exploring the concrete thought, estimating the presented facts, introducing the idea, and supporting the introduction with a strong argument. These essays usually are written using comparison and opposition, the analysis of cause and consequences of the presented idea, and the example. These essays are like a research paper. Firstly, you gather all the needed facts and evidence, then you organize them in a logic and clear order so to present to your readers, and in the end, you draw your own conclusion based on what you’ve found.


It’s kind of similar to an expository essay and usually, has the same structure of writing. You will also have to collect the proof and facts and assure the readers to believe in your point of view. But, this kind of essay will require you to stand against the idea you have chosen to explore. While writing this type of essay, you should use facts and logic and present all sides of the argument in an equal manner, and then you will have to find the clear explanation on why a certain idea is correct.


It usually means telling a story to your readers. Generally, these essays can be divided into 2 categories: short stories based on personal experience and book or movie reports. A lot of students pick this type of writing when they have such a choice, but writing them is not as easy as it may seem. Narrative writing should be based on our own experience and not a lot of young people like to write about themselves. While writing this type of work, you should be able to express all your inner feelings about the chosen topic in order to captivate your readers. Talk about senses, sights, and sounds; try to make your audience feel the atmosphere you had experienced and your piece of work will surely leave nobody indifferent.


The definition of this type of writing is lying in its name. You will have to describe something. It could be anything from the way your dog looks like to what an athlete did in order to get the gold in the Olympics. This piece of writing should provide the details in order to create an image in readers’ minds. Your main goal is to be able to present the object you have chosen in such a way that it could get alive in your readers’ minds. Doing so won’t be an easy target, but is surely possible if you use the right words.

In the next chapter of the article, we will get to know how to write each type of essays and tips on what words are good to be used so stay tuned!

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