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A book review writing and movie review writing refers to writing an evaluation, a description and a critical analysis on the book or movie significance. This is not a retelling of the book or the movie. It pays its focus on the authority, content and purpose of the book or the movie together with its strengths and also weaknesses. It should also include an evaluation of how the author has succeeded.

Some standard procedures for book review writing are outlined below. These are ones of the best procedures for one to write an effective review:

• A statement on the book. This information might include such things as author, title, type of book, first copyright information, special features, subject matter.

• Outline the purpose behind the writing of the book. The purpose of the book is usually given in the preface area or the first chapter of the book.

• It is also very important to state the thesis of the book. It is a description of how the author explains the theme of study.

• Using specific quotes and references from the book, explain how the author supports the thesis.

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A movie review is one of the ways that one can use to express his review about the movie. Its purpose is to help the reader decide whether to watch the movie or not. For one to write an effective movie review, there are some steps that should be followed:

• Watching the movie in a relaxed environment in order to get more details about it.

• After watching the movie, one should give his opinion on it. This will enable you to express the elements of the movie that you enjoyed and that you did not like.

• Consider the audience you are targeting with the review.

• The outline of the movie should be given without essential details or surprises that will make one know everything about the movie.

• Give a detail of the actors, the structure of the movie, the lighting and cinematography of the movie and even the music played in the movie.

Observing these steps will make a person very good in book and movie review writing.

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