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Topic and Writing Guidelines for an Essay on Nature

A notion “nature” has its broad and narrow senses. The broadest meaning of it is defined as material, physical and natural universe. Also, nature can indicate the general sense of life in more narrow understanding. The topic “nature” is really broad and integrates loads of angles and fields, such as geology, biology, geography, ecology and each of them can be subdivided into more sections with various objects of study. Thus, the essay on nature can have different form and contents, which will depend on your purpose.

How to write a descriptive essay on nature?

  • Generally speaking, the basic rules of descriptions are typically applied to essays about nature: you need to be specific, use many adjectives for characterizing and create images to refer to the reader’s imagination.
  • You should appeal to all the senses of the reader with your description. The typical mistake is that the writer refers only to sight of audience although a range of scents and sounds in the nature worth to be described.
  • Once you have described what you see in the landscape, imagine that you are sitting with your eyes closed and perceiving what is going on around. Think of the textures, smells and sounds.
  • Try to connect emotions with what you are writing about. Certain pictures and perceptions can cause positive or negative associations, thus, you should use them wisely and according to your purpose.
  • Do not forget about the colors, which you use for nature descriptions. In very general sense, one can divide all the colors into warm and cool. These two groups influence the reader differently.

Argumentative essay about nature.

  • As we have already indicated, “nature” is a multi-facet concept, which has a number of branches. Select the one, which you are interested in and focus on the issue that has not been studied enough yet.
  • There are several essential rules, which you should keep in mind when completing an argumentative paper:
  1. The main components of the essay are a thesis statement, arguments and evidence.
  2. Thesis statement is a sentence or two at the end of introduction accumulating your position on the issue discussed.
  3. Thesis is typically expanded and explained in arguments: your position must be reasoned, and arguments are those so called “reasons”.
  4. Each argument should have at least one or two pieces of evidence that would support it. This is how you will be able to prove that your views are valid.

Topics for the essay on nature.

  • How does evolutionary ecology explain conservation process?
  • The hierarchy of ecological systems.
  • Is the human race the one to survive in the conditions of ecological disaster?
  • Can contemporary state of ecology be defined as a disaster?
  • The interrelation of global citizenship and ecological justice.
  • What is ecological justice?
  • Do you agree with the principles, which global citizenship supposes?
  • Inclusive politics in ecology.
  • Political ecology.
  • The problems of human ecology and solutions to them.
  • Can man survive without nature?
  • The basic principles of the urban ecology.
  • Human dimension of resource management.

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