Topics for descriptive essays

There is a range of subjects that you can choose for description. Particularly, you can describe a person, a place, a process or an event. Depending on what you are describing the writing strategy will differ as each subject of writing requires making certain accents in order to be effective. Here are the basic rules of the person and place description and some ideas for topics.

Describing a place.

  • When you start writing you should brainstorm about the following points:
  • The location of the place described.
  • The time of its building / construction / appearing. Is it an old or a new place?
  • The metaphors you create for defining what this place looks like.
  • The special features of this place. What distinguishes it from others of this type or is it unique?
  • Your opinion about this place and how it is viewed by the other people that visited it.
  • Would you recommend other people to visit the place?
  • Provide the examples of what you and other people can do in this place.
  • Explain why this place is significant and matters for the audience.
  • Make sure that you use concrete adjectives and images so the audience can not just read but feel what you are writing about.
  • When you are structuring your paper:
  • Indicate the significance of your writing and the audience’s reading about the certain place in the introduction;
  • Provide a range of details in the body paragraphs;
  • Include the reasons why you and other people like or dislike the place.

Topics for place description:

  • The hotel which you stayed in during the vacation.
  • Your favorite place to have rest.
  • The best place to study.
  • The place in your town or city which has a historical significance.
  • A place that you are proud to visit.
  • The museum you have been to recently.
  • Top-5 places to visit in your town.
  • The place where you were born.

Describing a person.

Basic rules of person describing:

  • When you are writing about the person your task is to create an impression for the reader that he knows the person.
  • Use adjectives for your description but assure that you avoid the abstract and general words. Describe the person with specific characteristics, which make him or her unique.
  • In the opening paragraph you should introduce the person to the reader and indicate why you are writing about him or her.
  • The body paragraphs are usually dedicated to description of physical appearance, the personality and achievements of the person.
  • The conclusion summarizes the points why you like / dislike / respect / are inspired by the person.

Topics for person description:

  • Your first teacher.
  • The best friend of yours.
  • The person you will never forget.
  • The person that inspires you.
  • The most respected person.
  • The celebrity that you adore.
  • The person which you totally dislike.
  • A person that motivates you.
  • An attractive stranger.
  • Your groupmate.
  • The ideal roommate
  • The best teacher in your life.
  • The famous person whose endeavors you admire.

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