Topics for sociology paper

The foundation of sociology writing consists of three main parts: developing structured arguments, supporting them with the help of evidence and keep the paper in academic frames. Besides them, your first actual step in the writing process is selecting or formulating the topic. Our article will provide you with some special tips on writing a sociology paper. Also, here you can find a list with appropriate topics for your assignment.

Writing tips on completing a sociology paper:

There are 2 main mistakes in the student’s writing:

  • The paper does not correspond to the assignment.
  • : Before you start check the assignment, prompt and guidelines carefully. Make sure that you are familiar with all the terms, if you are not – do not hesitate to check dictionary or thesaurus for it.
  • The paper does not possess clear arguments.

Solution: Most of sociology topics are complex, which is why they require the writer structuring a strong argumentation line. Remember to look back at your topic every time when you are developing an argument and to link main points, so the arguments are arranged in one line and will represent your systematized position.

Sociology writing demands using evidence.

  • Typically, when writing a sociology paper you will deal with the phenomena, which are familiar to you or even surround you in your daily life. These are such things, as mass media, law, family, marriage, relationships, education etc.
  • Despite it may seem that you can easily write about all those topics, you should remember that you are a scientist working for sociological scope, which is why you have to gather the precise data and make sure that your points are evidential to the reader.

Topics for sociology paper:

Topics about social values:

  • Family values and Christianity.
  • Cultural philosophy, family and religion.
  • The means by which culture influences an institution of family.
  • Family and general human values: do they coincide or diverse?
  • Family values in modern Europe.
  • Gender equality and family building.
  • The impact of incorrect sex education on family building.
  • Material and family values.
  • The ways of family values modifying throughout the history.
  • Sociological analysis of love.
  • Love values.
  • Love development theories.
  • The notion of personal responsibility.
  • Law and personal responsibility.
  • Open economy and the individual responsibility of a person.
  • Moral and personal responsibility in mass.

Topics about collective behavior and social movements.

  • What is the role of social movements?
  • Moral protest and its types.
  • Social movements and cultural politics.
  • Identity and culture in social movements.
  • Innovative social movements.
  • The social protest: its dangers and benefits.
  • Extremists groups.
  • Neo-Nazi groups.
  • Extremist movement in the United States of America.
  • Extremist group supporting Islam and anti- Islamic movements.
  • Nativist movement and its main principles.
  • The concept of moral panic and its meaning.
  • Penal culture in the United States of America.
  • Penalty for crimes in the Western Europe.
  • Comparative analysis of penal culture in the Western and Eastern worlds.
  • Moral panic in different moral contexts.

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