Topics to write a descriptive essay on.

The descriptive essays can be classified according to their subject into several groups: description of a place, description of a person, description of an event or a process. Determined by the subject of writing the strategy of each type varies slightly accenting on the particular points of the topic. Our article will provide you with basic writing rules for event and process description and, also, with the topics, which you can use for these types of essay.

  1. Describing an event.
  • First of all, you should choose a suitable event to describe. There are several requirements to this kind of topic: the event must be the one that really happened to you or you participated in it, it should be exciting and have several components or stages, so you have enough material to write about.
  • Select the event, which was special, this is how you will be able to prove its uniqueness to the audience.
  • The description of your event should provide the following information: who is performing and taking part in it and how it is happening.
  • The details which you use for description will help to generate interest from the side of the reader.

Topics for event description:

  • Your first day at school / college.
  • The best birthday party you have had.
  • The day which you will never forget.
  • The graduation day.
  • The lesson that you will remember forever.
  • The best life-lesson you have received.
  • Your visit to the art center.
  • The greatest concert you have been to.
  •  Your shopping tour.
  • A visit to an unknown place.
  • Winter vacation in exotic places.
  • The family trip.
  • Christmas holiday.

Describing the process.

  • Describing the process is, factually, an explanation of the events sequence. The best way to write about it in chronological order so you will save the clarity of the process described.
  • Consider breaking the whole process into smaller parts and setting them in chronological order. This is how you will be able to explain it coherently.
  • Include the details of each step of the process and refer to the reader’s feelings. It is the best way to achieve mutual understanding so the audience will know what you felt and they should feel during the process.
  • The introduction should provide the definition of the process, in general, and you reasons for writing about it.
  • The conclusion review the main steps in the process, summing up them and determining their role, on the whole.

Topics for process description:

  • The process of college application.
  • How you applied for a scholarship.
  • Learning the foreign language.
  • Acquiring new skills: challenges and advantages.
  • How do you manage your time?
  • Making a day schedule.
  • Writing a research paper for college.
  • Passing the final exams.
  • The most difficult test you had in your education career.
  • Overcoming the daily stress.
  • How you fight with every day routine.
  • The fastest way to write an essay.
  • How to complete homework properly.
  • How to help others.

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