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Essay on Influence of Tourism: Positive and Negative Aspects

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Have you ever been to a different place? One might consider that you can only be a tourist while going to a different country, however, even going for a walk around the lake in the neighboring city is, in fact, one of the forms tourism might take. Understanding of how wide the definition of tourism is will be one of the bricks you are going to use while building up a college essay on influence that tourism has on the surrounding, economy, culture and society. What are the other bricks, you ask? Keep on reading to find out!

What Is Tourism?

In general, tourism is the result of a person leaving their own place and going somewhere to enjoy the landscapes and/or for a cultural exchange. It is associated with moving and changes; therefore, tourism always results in a certain contact of a traveler and the native citizens and the tourism industry is developing in order to make this contact as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Why Do Countries Need to Develop Tourism?

Overall, tourism is one of the sources of income and it brings benefits like working places and economic development to the rural areas and developing countries. Also, a well-organized tourism system contributes to the level of awareness about a country or a region, attracting more tourists.

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Comparing of the Negative and Positive Influence in Different Aspects

Positive Economic Influence

In this part, you can mention that there are at least two areas where tourism has a positive impact: first of all, it creates more jobs, and secondly, it gives a push for the small businesses to develop. Just think about how many things should be considered so the person can stay in a different place for a while: transportation, lodging, food and tourist’s attractions that have guides and souvenir sellers working nearby. Any of these factors result in an opportunity to earn some money, as the person later leaves, and the money stay in the country.

Negative Economic Influence

In this part, you can elaborate more on the previously mentioned situations, as it is nowhere near the bed of roses to create the infrastructure, so the tourism can flourish. Most of the work here is done by the government, which may result in the higher tax revenues to raise enough money. This is not the only negative factor for the native citizens. Apart from this, most of the jobs created are seasonal, some of them are poorly paid.

Positive Environmental Influence

The places that should be saved for the tourists to see are kept safe. No one will build a shopping center on the historically important hill with a wall from the tower left on it. The forests, the lakes and the rivers the tourists like will get more chances to stay on place and remain clean and pretty. Moreover, the government will try to keep the places of the tourist’s interest neat both within and outside of the cities, so it usually results in an improved number of litter bins and trees growing on both sides of the roads.

Negative Environmental Influence

And still, the litter bins do not always help. Constant presence of people scares animals and birds, may ruin some plants and even result in a contraband of some rare species, as well as corals. Emissions of the transport that takes tourists to the place of interest, litter and noise end up to be the negative aspects of tourists’ strive for sightseeing.

Positive Social Influence

Knowing that you are about to welcome a stranger in your house possibly makes you want to show the best your house can offer. The same rule can be applied for anyone who is getting ready to welcome the guests, and that is why tourism is a push to remember customs and crafts, treat the newcomers with the special dishes and show the brightest traditional clothes. Think about any tourist spot: progress and tradition go there hand-in-hand for the best experiences of the guests. Apart from that, any improvements made for the sake of tourism influence work just as well for the locals. Anyone can ride a bus or rent a bike, anyone can get some traditional meal or go to the museum and learn more no matter if they belong to the nation or no.

Negative Social Influence

We can make a joke about no one knowing about tobacco before Columbus got to travel to America. However, every joke contains a part of the truth, and the truth is that a lot of dangers come from abroad and would not occur if it was not for the strangers. As well, communicating with tourists can wipe the line between what was considered to be traditional and normal and the new ideas, that might be harmful in the new environment. One more threat is connected with a risk of a terrorist attack or some kind of emergency in a crowded building. In this case, both the locals and the newcomers can suffer evenly.


While finalizing your essay, make sure to point out your opinion and generalize the ideas you have outlined. Make sure the last paragraph contains no new information, just a summary of the already known facts. Read your completed piece once again and add a few more points to the conclusion if needed. What area of influence you consider to be the most risky? What should be paid a special attention to? 

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