Turabian essay format: writing guide for students.

Turabian essay format is the system appropriate for humanitarian subjects, such as art, history and literature, and also for science disciplines: physics, social and natural subjects. Depending on your discipline the type of formatting will vary:

  1. Bibliography style – the one, which includes notes and bibliography page – is commonly used for humanitarian discipline;
  2. Reference list format – also called “author-date style” – is mainly for social, natural sciences and physics.

Our article will provide you with peculiarities of each format subtype so you can follow our guide and be sure that your paper is formatted in a correct way.

  1. General requirements to writing in Turabian style.
  • Turabian format usually involves adding following parts to the paper:
  1. A title page
  2. Main body of the paper
  3. Footnotes
  4. Endnotes
  5. Schemes, diagrams, figures
  6. Bibliography page.
  • The common font is Times New roman, size – twelve point
  • The essay has to start with a title page, which is centered. All capital letters must be used.
  • Sometimes you will need to add epigraph to the paper. In this case you should write it on separate page after the title one.
  • The main text of the essay must begin with an introduction and end with conclusion. Usually the pages are double spaced.
  • Arabic numbers are used for pagination. Number of page should be indicated in the right upper corner.
  1. Reference list citing style in Turabian.
  • Reference list or author-date style is more concise than note-bibliography type of Chicago format, which makes it more convenient for natural and social sciences.
  • This formatting type involves indicating the name of author and date of publication in the text in parentheses.
  • The same citations are included in the reference list where all the details of the sources are given.
  • When you cite a source with one author you need to indicate his or her last name first and the first name separated by coma. The date of publication and the title of the source are provided next. The last point for indication is the place of publishing and the name of publishing house. The parenthetical citation is provided after all those elements.
  • If you have two authors you should connect their names with coma and “and”
  1. Bibliography and notes style in Turabian.
  • This substyle, in its majority, serves for the purposes of such disciplines, as art, history and literature subjects. It allows providing all the necessary details about the sources used for paraphrasing, summarizing and citing.
  • The main components of this format are footnotes, endnotes and bibliography page.
  • The chief difference between citing in bibliography style and author-date style is that the date of publication here is indicated in the very end of the reference after the place of publishing and the name of publishing house.
  • For notes you should use the name of the author, usually only the last one, the title of the source and number of pages. There is no need to indicate p. or pp. with pages.
  • In case you are using a particular chapter from the source you need to indicate its title and the full name of the book where you took it from.

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