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A business is an enterprise or firm comprising trade of goods and services to consumers with some certain categories and business law is one of them. Nevertheless, business law alone already consists of many different areas typically taught in a law school as a part of their curriculum. With these, students have encountered a problem regarding their research since there’s a bunch of topics they have to include. As an academic assistance aid, here are some tips on writing a term paper on business law.

Two Distinctive Areas in Business Law:

1. The regulation of commercial entities by the laws of company, partnership, agency, and bankruptcy

2. The regulation of commercial transactions by the laws of contract and related fields

Your research for a business law term paper has to be structured and fully organized.

If you’re going to write a business law term paper, make sure you’ll specify on which subcategory you’ll be focusing so that your reader won’t be confused on your research.

If you’ll be focusing on the laws of company, partnership, agency, and bankruptcy, you might break them down first into bits. Generally, these three kinds of business share some common points:

· They all have limited liabilities since there are two or more owners.

· They all have agents, principals, and third parties to operate the business.

· Certain authorities must be recognized to separate and regulate the relationship of the three constituents.

You can start the term paper on business law by introducing these entities first and by giving the different laws that govern them. Don’t forget to include how each of them differs in terms of their structure, services and taxation. This will help you and also your readers to stay in the topic you’ve chosen.

However, if you choose to have your research focused on the regulation of commercial transactions, you may include the different types of transaction you’ll be discussing. Despite variation details, all transactions have one thing in common: they serve to transmit economic values such as materials, products, services and mostly, money. You may start your research by presenting altered transactions you want to include and stating their similarities and differences to one another.

The statute law is also under the company law but this is only applicable in civil-law countries. It entails partly of the ordinary rules of common law and equity also known as the unwritten law. You can also present it in your business law term paper for further information.

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