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“Violence in media”: Essay Writing Tips

Media has an impact on numerous aspects of our life, which is why it can be studied from different facets, such as psychological, sociological, and linguistic. If your task is to write an essay on this topic, your point of view will, naturally, depend on the discipline you are studying and the ideas you are willing to explicate. The most appropriate types of essay for the topic “violence in media” are argumentative and cause and effect. Here you can find some helpful ideas for your paper.

Violence in movies.

  • Violence and crimes are in the top of movies topics today. The images of murdering, aggression and anger with all consequences, without any doubts, are able to excite the audience and bring some kind of catharsis. However, explicating the violent scenes movie directors have to be responsible for possible results.


  • Statistically, young men are the major audience of the films that contain violent scenes. Additionally, they are the ones who psychologically tend to be more aggressive. Therefore, by seeing violence on the screens the feeling that it is possible or allowed in real life appears, which leads to increasing the rate of criminality and law-breaking.


Violence in video games.

Cause: The issue of video games contribution into violent culture is sharp nowadays. Basically, most popular video games contain the element of violence and require the gamer to perform such actions as killing or physical abuse during the playing process. The video games sales are growing fast and age restrictions are not effective enough.


  • The reports about bullying in middle school are growing and this is likely to be caused by the violent video games as those are widespread among youth of this age, according to the surveys. As video game requires the gamer to identify him- or herself with a certain character, that is mostly aggressive, brutal or fierce, this features a youngster can take to real life as well. Moreover, the principle of most video games is following: “causing somebody suffers will result into success or pleasure”.

Possible solutions to the issue:

  • Restricting time spent by children using media devices;
  • Explaining the results of violence in real life;
  • Learning about the plot of films, games, cartoons, which children watch or play;
  • Explaining that conflicts can be resolved by negotiating and without violent methods;
  • Suggesting alternative ways of conflict resolution.
  • Finding the cartoons or films that can have positive impact and present them instead of violent ones.

Tips on writing:

  • Begin the paper with introducing the issue. State that it is up-to-date and sharp.
  • Claim your reasons for writing about the topic. Indicate what new you can bring in this discussion.
  • Formulate your thesis clearly: the reader must understand your position regarding the issue. Thesis statement is typically placed at the end of introduction.
  • Body paragraphs is better to begin with topical sentences, which accumulate the main idea of the paragraph.
  • Do not forget about facts, figures and ideas. They will serve as evidence to your arguments.
  • Conclude your work and arguments in the last paragraph. Also, you can present possible solutions in there.

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