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We can not even write paper in 3 hours, we can write paper in 2 hours and it will be good!

Speed is of essence when writing academic essays. Many at times, a writer will be required to write paper in 3 hours or even less. Of course as a competent writer he or she must have the work done before this deadline. Here are a few tips on how to write paper in 3 hours or even less.

When choosing academic essays to write, it is advisable for a writer to choose topics he or she is familiar with. A topic that the writer has done before for example, is bound to be a walk in the park. It does not really have to be the exact same topic. It could be something that is closely related to a topic previously done. This will go a long way in reducing the amount of time required for the research before writing the actual paper.

You may think that it is impossible to write paper in 3 hours. But that is possible!

In the event that it is a similar topic one can even write paper in 2 hours or less.

Most writers waste a lot of time researching on irrelevant topics when looking to write. A writer should restrict himself or herself to research content that is relevant to the assignment at hand. This especially applies when a writer is doing his or her research online. The problem with doing research on the Internet is that the information is usually not narrowed down and the individual has to pick relevant information from a pool of so much irrelevant literature.

The last but not the least, in order to write paper in 2 hours, a writer has to have great summary writing skills and he or she has to go straight to the point. Wordiness not only consumes more time for the writer. It also lowers the quality of work done. Learning how to write academic essays fast is not rocket science. It only requires practice.

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