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Essays are a major part of academic writing at the High School and College level. College professors often require students to use one of three Stylebooks (APA, MLA, Chicago writing format) to format their essays, citations, and reference list.

chicago essay format.

The basic essay format describes how students and professional academic writers should format the pages. The format guidelines require:

-- Margins top, bottom, and both sides set to 1 to 1.5 inches.

-- An easily readable font, with Times New Roman requested most, and 12-pt. font.

-- Double-pacing the text throughout the essay.

-- Table titles, captioning, and block quotes should be single-paced.

-- Block quotes indented 5 spaces from both left and right margins.

-- Placement of tables and figures after the paragraph that discuss the table and figure contents.

-- Citations included as footnotes or endnotes.

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Footnotes and Endnotes

Word processing programs (e.g. Word) automatically sets up the footnote and endnote numbering for the essay and will renumber each citation entry every time it is relocated in the paper. Footnotes will end up at the bottom of the page on which the citation occurs. Endnotes will be placed on a separae page or pages at the end of the essay, with a separate bibliography (List of Works Cited) following the endnotes.

For Chicago writing format, endnotes and footnotes have the same basic format. The first time a resource is cited

the citation looks like this:

--Authro's Last Name, First Name, Complete Title of the Resource, Page Numbers.

Subsequent citations from the same resources, the citation changes slightly:

-- Author's Last Name, Keywords from the Title, Page Numbers.

Chicago Bibliography

The term List of Works Cited and Bibliography are generally used interchangeably. For Chicago the chicago essay format, the word Bibliography is centered at the top of the resources page. Double space before starting the entries to the list and place entries in alphabetical order.

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