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You've just been handed an assignment to write about a particular topic in history. As you look at the subject matter, you stare down wondering how you are going to even get started. If this seems to fit you well, you aren't alone. Many people have difficulties even getting started on a writing project, especially when they have to write a research paper. In the next couple of minutes, you will learn some tips on how to research topics for history and how to organize a research paper properly. There are three basic things you will need to know: your topic, the time frame, and the point you want to make.

Knowing the subject matter of your paper is paramount to being able to start organizing your thoughts about what to write. If you don't know what you are writing about, it's impossible to even begin. Once you know what the topic of your paper is, you can go about finding the necessary information needed for writing.

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Next, think about the time frame of your paper. When you start to research topics for history, it is important to know the time boundaries that you are working with.

As you are writing your paper, think about the overall point you are trying to make. Each paragraph you write should somehow tie in to what you are trying to get across. Once you have narrowed down your time frame and know what you are writing about, you can start researching within those specifications.

With the above guidelines, you should now know how to organize a research paper. Now you are ready to get started on producing a quality historical research paper. Know your topic, narrow down the time frame of your topic, and research what you need to know to make the point you are going to write about.

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