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What to Write about in a Research Paper on Alcohol?

A number of topics for research paper can be found if you are to write about alcohol. Specifically, you may select the biological side of the issue and study how alcohol influences human brain and different part of body. If your subject is sociology you may explain alcohol changes social attitudes to a person that abuses it or other social aspects. Also, you may discuss psychological grounds of alcohol addiction or pros and cons of lowering the drinking age. Find more topics and hints for the research paper on alcohol in our blog post.

Topic 1. “Social Drinking”

  1. Definition. Social drinking can be defined as a process of tolerating alcohol due to special occasions when a person drinks to celebrate some event without any harm to his or her behavior of well-being.
  2. Benefits. Alcohol is used to get people relaxed which make them feel better in a company, speak more open and have fun easily. It helps people to forget about problems and responsibilities for some time and just have rest.
  3. Risks. Some people claim that they are social drinkers while, in fact, they attend bars too often and consume too much alcohol. The risk of this kind of “social drinking” is alcohol addiction and inability to have fun or get relaxed without a certain amount of liqueur. To limit the risk of turning from a social drinker to a heavy drinker one has to be able to control his or her actions and words during drinking, as well as the amounts of alcohol consumed, not to think about alcohol as an entertainment, not to get into shameful situations.

Topic 2. “Alcohol Addiction”

2.1. Definition. Alcohol addiction is a state of a person when his or her drinking is out of control and may cause different kinds of problems. It is also called alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence and alcohol use disorder.

2.2. Causes of alcohol dependence.

There is a number of social and psychological factors that may trigger alcohol addiction. Usually a person decides to drink when he or she wants to forget something, therefore, alcohol can be caused by depression, bad mood and various personal problems. Additionally, alcohol impacts certain centers in brain that make people feel contented, relaxed and have fun without any reasons. Individuals get used to this state very quickly, which is why may not be able to stop drinking.

2.3. Effects of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction usually results in numerous health problems, such as liver cancer, digestion issues, psychological problems – bad mood, anxiety, depression, and social – problems with family, relationship issues, difficulties at work etc.

 Topic 3. “Drinking Age”

3.1. Drinking age is a certain age when a person is allowed to buy and drink alcohol without restrictions. Nowadays, a discussion about drinking age lowering takes place.

3.2. Lowering of drinking age has both pro and con sides. The supporters of it state that the person of 18 is already adult and can make own decisions on drinking while those who disapprove it state that early drinking can cause such problems as alcohol addiction in young age and increase of assaults and violence due to alcohol consumption.


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