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According to my favorite place essay, self reflection essay it defines self-reflection as the ability of human beings to examine their inner self and learn more about their nature and purpose. Self -reflection can be learned in counseling sessions, self- help hypnosis or classroom programs.

Self-help hypnosis is the best option compared to formal sessions. This is because it is quite affordable and flexible. The most convenient place to self-reflect is your home because you have some privacy with no interruptions. This will enable you to concentrate and focus on your problems or addictions and how to overcome them.

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Sometimes it might be difficult to do some reflection on your own. There are some self- hypnosis aids that can help you through the reflection process, for example: instructional DVDs, videos or CDs. These aids will guide you step by step on how to deal with your problems and addictions.

According to my favorite place essay, self reflection essay, it further explains that reflecting in your own home creates room for flexibility and convenience since you can create your own schedule for reflecting unlike attending formal sessions whereby they are scheduled at specific times. Self-reflection is important for your body and soul because it helps in improving your character, discovering your true self and resolving inner conflicts.

Other ideal places for self-reflection include the park while jogging, the beach while lying down and listening to the ocean waves and in the car while driving and listening to some music that will help you relax.

If any of the places mentioned above do not help with your self- reflection, it is advisable for you to attend the formal sessions where you will get help and guidance from a professional. It may be expensive but at the end of the day it will be worth your time and money.

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