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Wow! I cannot manage my time, it is almost midnight! Who can write my report overnight?

Should I write my paper or pay someone to do it for me? Should I write my report or have someone to write my homework for me? This is the question which I have been debating all night. I have a midterm exam tomorrow night, and taking the time out to write a paper isn't really feasible. I would really prefer to pay someone to write it for me. It would not only save time, but it would also guarantee an error free paper. I often wonder what my professors would say if they knew how poor of a writer I really am. Upon being accepted, I had to take an entrance exam, which included a writing sample. I somehow aced the exam, but if someone was to witness my writing today, I may be required to take remedial classes- and financial aid doesn't cover it.

If I write my paper, there is quite a bit of work involved. I would have to buy cliff notes, type the paper, and then take it to a print shop for printing. However, I would have to buy a flashdrive in order to save the file, and have it copied. Sure, I could use a portable drive like Skydrive which Microsoft owns, or I could use the Cloud drive which amazon owns. Either way it would still be a hassle, because the staff at the print shop will not be able to access the website for me, and I am not allowed to use their computers myself. So there would be no way to retrieve my file. However, if I have someone write it for me- all I would need is their fee. I'm going to have to pay for a flashdrive and printing anyway- so why not. The time which I spend laboring over my paper for errors isn't worth it either.

Who can professionally write my homework?

My Final Decision was that I have decided not to write my report, and just let someone to write my homework for me. It's going to take a lot less time, and this way I will know that my grade will be a passing one. My parents sent me to college to learn, not to get failing grades. So I will just look at this as a way of making sure their money isn't being wasted. It's such a good feeling to know that I'm doing something for the greater good. Being proactive is always better than being nonactive. I'm not the only student on campus tonight preparing to pay someone for a research paper. College students do it all the time.

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