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Death penalty is a crime control model that involves sentencing a criminal to death because if the crime committed. The criminal is killed because that is the punishment that equates the kind of crime committed or in order to deter other potential criminals from committing such crimes. Death penalty as a crime control model has brought a lot of controversies in many countries on whether it is appropriate way of preventing crime. To determine whether it is an effective ways of punishing criminals here are some death penalty pros and cons.


1. Eliminate criminal from the society

Death penalty removes a criminal from the society, thus ensuring that the society is more secure.

The papers, completed with us describe all possible death penalty pros and cons

2. Deters other potential criminals

By experiencing criminals being killed other potential criminals get afraid for the same fate to befall them, thus stop committing such crimes.

3. Reduce the government expenses in maintaining the criminal in prisons

Death penalty reduces the expenditure the government has to incur keeping the criminal in prison or other facilities.


1. Cruel and unethical

No human being has power over the life of another person. It is, therefore unethical to kill another person on the basis of preventing crime in the society.

2. Denies the criminal opportunity to change behavior

By killing a criminal he or she is denied the opportunity to modify the criminal behavior.

Killing a criminal demonstrates the failure by the government to protect the life of its citizens as enshrined in the constitution. The government should be the custodian of people life and, therefore killing a criminal show the failure to protect life and failure by the set institutions such as prisons to play their roles.

Therefore, by considering the above and many others death penalty pros and cons governments in various countries have the ability to make an informed decision to ban or continue using it to prevent crime.

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