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Writing an essay about technology is no more a difficult task for you

If you sit down to write an essay about computer, the biggest problem you face is -- where to start? Computers are a huge subject. Sure, any essay about technology has this problem, but computers can be particularly bad. Whether it's software, hardware, programming, the Internet, or games, just wrapping your head around the millions of things people have figured out how to do with the box on your desk, is a daunting proposition.

Instead, try the opposite approach. Instead of seeing it as an essay about computer, think of it as a paper about a very specific facet of them. Pick some element of computer technology that you know, like, and understand... maybe it's programming in a particular language, assembling a computer or even something abstract like a website on the Internet. Find that topic, and use it! If you can find a subject you love to write about, your paper won't just be better. It will be faster and easier to write, too.

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Once you know what you're going to write about, think about where that subject might lead you. An essay about building computers could go in many different directions: remember, any subject has a past, a present, and a future. It has a birds' eye view, where you might look at putting together the final pieces as a hobbyist or as a factory worker. It also has a low-level view, the domain of engineering the parts and manufacturing the chips.

Of course, it pays not to get too set too early on. Unless you want to spend months or years researching, you may find that your original perspective is a little too hard to get information on, while a little shift in one direction or the other means the paper (and your sources) come together if by magic. That's the real trick to writing a good essay about technology... or any other essay, for that matter.

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