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Writing Chicago style: basic rules for paper formatting.

Chicago formatting style is one of the most common systems of paper organization which is often used for humanitarian subjects. However, Chicago citing style provides two systems of documentation, which are used depending on the discipline and the purpose of the writer:

1) notes and bibliography;

2) author-date.

Notes and bibliography

  • This system is mainly used for humanitarian subjects: the art, literature and history. It is convenient for this range of disciplines as they accommodate usually big variety of sources, including books, articles and electronic resources, this is why comfortable bibliography listing is really important.
  • Here we will provide main points of writing bibliography and making notes in Chicago style depending on the character of the source and its authors.
  • One author: Typically you should start with the first name and last name of the author, indicating the title of the book after that. The place of publishing and name of publishing house together with the year are usually provided in gaps after the book’s title. Number of pages is indicated at the end, without p. or pp. abbreviations.
    • Bibliography: Michael Brown, Brief Guide for Students: Essay writing. (New York, Penguin: 2013), 36-46.
    • Note: Brown, Brief Guide for Students, 37.
    • Two authors or more: In this case you should first list the names of author separated with coma. The last name is connected with previous one by “and”.
    • Three, four and more authors: If you have the source citing with more than three authors you can list all the authors in the bibliography page. The note should include only the name of the first author together with at al. (“and others”)
    • Editors and translators. The names of translators are typically followed with “trans.”.
      • However, it is not indicated in the note at the bottom of the page, you should mention this only in works cited page.
      • Chapter, introduction, preface etc. If you are citing these parts the name and the author of the chapter, introduction, preface should be indicated as well as the book where they can be found.
      • Electronic books: in case you consulted the electronic version of the book or article URL must be included in your bibliography list. If it is required include an access date.
        • Often pages’ number are not available in the electronic version, thus, you can indicate the number of chapter or part.

Author-Date citations

  • This type of citation is mainly used for natural, social and physical subjects. In this case sources are usually cited briefly in text, typically in parentheses, indicating author’s last name and date of publishing.
  • Full information is provided in bibliography list, however, without mentioning pages.
  • Pages are provided in text in parentheses together with the author’s name and date).
  • If you are citing an article that is published in a particular journal you should list the exact pages, which you have consulted. The bibliography page must include the page range of the whole article.
  • E-mails and messages can also be cited: usually it is done in running text and it not indicated in the bibliography list.

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