Writing papers for dummies: guidelines and helpful tips

If you apply for college or university you should be ready for writing a range of various papers every week. Usually it seems to be a challenging task for students but we want to prove here that, in fact, essay writing is a quite easy activity, which can help your learning a lot. First of all, you should consider that writing a paper is, actually, not just writing but requires much more stages to undergo. Secondly, note that paper writing in college is different from that one, which you had at high school. Learn all the details of writing process here.

Question interpretation stage.

  • The step that you should start a pre-writing process with is getting familiar with the question or assignment given.
  • Usually you are to formulate your paper topic basing on the question or task. Make sure that you do it in the disputable way so you can make a point (develop a thesis) about it.
  • Find the main concepts in your question and make sure that you understand their correct meaning.
  • If there is any term which you are not familiar with check its meaning in the dictionary or any other proper source.
  • Note that only correct understanding of the assignment will grant you an opportunity to complete a good paper.

Research stage.

  • In order to develop reasonable and meaningful arguments you will need to consult with authoritative sources. Check the recommended literature given by your professor, you will probably find the appropriate books and articles to read in there.
  • When you are working with the sources make sure that you do not copy the ideas from there and write them as your own but use them as basis or support for your personal position.
  • In order to avoid plagiarism you should learn how to cite, paraphrase and summarize the sources correctly. Check the referencing style required for your paper so to get all the necessary details about the books and articles used.

Drafting stage.

  • Before you start drafting try to develop a thesis statement – your position about the issue stated in a sentence or two. The main demands to it is to be maximum clear and understandable for the reader. It must reflect the major points touched upon in your paper.
  • The basic structure of the paper requires you to divide your essay into 3 parts, such as an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Actually, you can start writing from the main body if you have no idea how to develop the introductory part.
  • After you explained and discussed all the points in the body paragraphs it will be easier for you to get a general image and reveal it in the introductive section.
  • The conclusion has to sum up your work recalling the major issues revealed and giving some insights on the research perspective of the particular subject. Close the topic without closing it off.

Revising stage.

  • Revision is an essential and unavoidable component of every paper writing process.
  • Re-read your paper at least 2 times and make sure that you did not make any grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.
  • Also, you should assure that the thesis statement corresponds to your body paragraphs. If they differ you can modify the thesis on its stage.

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