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Tips on Writing Which You Will Not Be Told at College

Writing is one of the skills that are developed at college through various means, such as completing different types of essays, taking part in projects, writing dissertations and all other kinds of assignments. According to the statistics, 80% of the tasks that you get are writing tasks so you have to be a real master in order to get good grades. You might be getting a plenty pieces of advice in college how to write particular things better, but some important points, which can be learned from experience only, are typically missed out. Here is an article, which will complement and adjust your writing skill.

  • To use or not to use a spell check?

    Mistake in writing

    To start with, revisions are vital for any kind of writing that you do. They let you view your work once again from a different side, add the missing points and just check your grammar and spelling mistakes. Due to technological advancements, nowadays we can find a plenty of spell checking online tools, and many students are using them today instead of revising their papers by their own. In fact, spell checks have two sides. For sure, they save your time as they point out the mistakes you have made. From the other side, the technologies are not perfect and very often they miss out the mistakes or underline the correct words or phrases.

    So, our resolution to this issue is: you can use a spell check but remember to re-read your work and check the indicated mistakes with the dictionaries or writing manuals.

  • Select a right person to write in.

    A person writing

    Different types of paper require different manner of writing. Some of them, like reflections or personal essays, would allow you to use phrases like “In my opinion”, “I think” as their purpose is to reveal your ideas and thoughts about a certain subject. However, other types would be strictly against it and you are able to use only the third person in there that will have an abstract meaning, mostly. In case you doubt which person to use it is better to stick to the third person. It will let you avoid the colloquial style and writing in too simplistic manner.

    If you want to go deeper down check the writing manuals about the specific type of paper that you are assigned to complete.

  • Do not be afraid to attend writing centers.

    Most colleges have writing centers but not all the students are using them for their needs. Sometimes, writing centers are considered as unnecessary organizations that teach exactly the same as you can get at your classes. Nevertheless, you should try them by your own and make sure of the use, which they give to students. In the writing center, apart from the general classes on writing, you can get a personal advice concerning your paper. Moreover, you can get it checked and reveal the weak sides of the work. Do not be ashamed of getting help if you need it.

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