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Gender inequality research paper has focused on differing pay rates, educational attainment and promotions in the workplace. What are breaking topics in gender research that will make your gender inequality research paper stand out?

Gender Inequality World Wide

Make your gender inequality essay stand out by studying international examples. What is the pay differential for women in nations like India, China and Brazil relative to men? How slowly or quickly has gender inequality declined in the developing world relative to developed nations? And which factors are correlated world wide to gender inequality? Do Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Christian majority nations in the developing world have better or worse gender inequality relative to others?

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Personal Choice

Now that gender inequality due to discrimination has been eliminated for young women in their 20s and 30s, how much of the gender inequality observed in statistics is due to personal choice? To what degree is the wage gap due to women with only a high school education overwhelmingly staying out of skilled labor positions like construction and plumbing and choosing minimum wage positions in retail or customer service instead?

The Shift in Gender Inequality

The efforts to rectify historical gender inequality have produced dramatic effects in American society. Almost 60% of all college graduates are now women. What are the long term societal impacts of the shift in gender inequality resulting in young men having lower employment rates and educational attainment than young women? With more women earning more than their husbands, will we see more women choose single parenthood due to the inability to find a mate with the same income potential or more house husbands and stay at home fathers? One topic for your gender inequality essay is whether rules intended to make up for past inequality has resulted in a bias against men.

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