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The research paper on leadership is a sufficient proof to the statement that the leaders are only brought to fore by evaluation and never created in institutes. Leadership is an inert trait that is related to an individual's persona. They are inspirational and lead from the front; this is why the leaders are able to generate such following among masses. The characteristic of charismatic leadership, though subtle, is very prominently visible to everyone but never easy to be emulated. Whether in the organization or any other field the leadership quality is sure to get highlighted. Leadership quality instills in others a certain belief that can make them proceed on the path that is shown by the leader.

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The characteristic of charismatic leadership is very much in sync with any successful leadership and include the capability to captivate the people's imagination. Any research paper on leadership reveals that they are wise individuals who are passionate about whatever they are doing. They have a vision which they strongly believe in and follow with all their heart. Leaders are always viewed as a strong character and posses' supreme communication abilities which help them influence others. Although the influence may be positive or negative as seen all through the human history still they are referred to as charismatic leaders. They have to be compassionate to care for the ones who believe in them and are ready to follow the path mentioned by them. The leaders are persistent in their approach and never give up on any goal until they achieve it. At the organizational level this quality is sure to take them higher in their career. Integrity and trustworthiness are also the traits of a charismatic leader as they never betray the faith shown in them.

The disciplined and courageous leadership of individuals in any field can grab the attention of everyone. Leadership is something revered to have been lying inside a person; only need ever is to unearth it.

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