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Whether you need to write an essay on population for science class, statistics, sociology or history, the greatest challenge you face is finding a topic that has not been overdone. For example, essays on population often focus on the history of the human population, such as what the population was 500 years ago relative to today. Essays also tend to focus on demographic summaries. Readers can relate to the rise and fall of the average life expectancy caused by wars and the Black Death. However, if you want to get a good grade on an essay on population, you need to break new ground. What else, then, could you write?

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The Birth Dearth

Why is the birth rate in many developed nations below replacement level? Many surveys show that parents want 2.0 children or even more; why do they have fewer?

Boys Versus Girls

The gender ratio is the number of boys relative to the number of girls in a population. That ratio has hovered around 1.05:1 for millennia. However, the number of boys relative to girls has been increasing. In your essays on population, include a section on how the demographic trends today affect the population as a whole in the future. For example, will the gender imbalance limit future population growth in these nations?

Visions of the Future

Interracial marriage and interracial births are increasing, with a growing number of people checking off more than one box on the Census. How will these ethnic trends alter the population over the long term? Will the average person in the United States come to resemble someone in Brazil? Or will ethnic groups remain distinct while their proportion of the overall population changes with time? Or are specific ethnic groups slowly being absorbed into the three largest ethnic groups, such as the Japanese population witnessing over 50% intermarriage rates?

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