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What is a Report?

The earliest writing was based on pictograms which served as the medium of communication on crops and taxes. Over time, the requirement for writing underwent many changes. Consequently, many signs were developed into a script which called cuneiform. People who lived in ancient Mesopotamia made use of cuneiform to write down their language.

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What is writing all about?

Writing is conspicuously a human activity. An individual who composes a message or a story in the text form is addressed to as an author or a writer. However, a lot of specific titles do exist according to the exact nature of the text such as that of essayist, poet, playwright, novelist and journalist etc.

Writing Reports Is Obligatory to Every Worker. What Is Report Writing?

A report writer (teacher, accountant, and clerk, scientist) and business professional is required to be adept at writing.

What Are the Significant Forms of Effective Report?

  • The following points form the parts of good report writing:
  • Targeting the niche audience.
  • Studying the implications of preparing the report.
  • Revealing precise and authentic information in the report.
  • Soliciting feedback from the critics, be it positive or negative.
  • Focusing on the main theme and summarizing the report.
  • Supplementing the report with pie-charts and graphs.

A book report is the face of a book as the content and structure therein are empirically presented. Book reports not only contain the abridged version but a deeper analysis of the structure of the book is also provided. The main task of the report is to submit sufficient information about a book thereby enabling the reader to determine whether the book review is really informative or not.

Write a Business Report

What is a Business Report and What Are the Guidelines for Preparing It?

Business Reports are kinds of assignments within which the writer analyzes a scenario (either a true situation or a case study) and applies business theories to suggest a variety of options for improvement.

Ahead of writing the report it is paramount to establish the intent of the report. Is it to judge the need for fresh quality control in manufacturing? Is it aimed at investigating the competitors' products and services? Or is it a way of expressing cutbacks in the training program so as to offset budget costs in the department? One should be able to succinct the objective in mere one or two sentences.

Writing Reports is necessary for a variety of objectives and topics such as annual reports, monthly sales reports, etc.

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