Money Back Guarantee

Our main goal is providing the best service on the market today. We want our clients to feel safe while using our website.

You Are Welcome to Review Our Money Back Policy

Our clients can open a dispute and request the money back if there is a specific valid reason for that. Each dispute is reviewed separately by the Dispute Department. Although sometimes misunderstandings in the communication process may take place, we try our best to deal with them fast and to client’s favour.

Please learn more about how to open a dispute below.

When the dispute is opened, the Dispute Department carefully reviews a certain case within 10-14 business days and informs the client about the most suitable solution. Please keep in mind that the reviewing time may be different for each case, especially when the communication process between the client and us takes more than expected. We ask you to stay in touch with us and stay updated in order to resolve the issue faster.

When a Refund Is Possible

I made the payment twice

In case of double payment, please contact us immediately. Support Team will refund the payment that was made accidently. If we notice that double payment was made from your account by accident, we will instantly notify Payment Department to provide the refund of the second sum to you as soon as possible.

If the two identical orders are placed, the same procedure will be implemented.

There was no writer found for my order

We are trying our best to assign each order to the most suitable and experienced writer. However, in some cases it may be not possible due to certain complexity of the assignment. If we fail to assign a writer for your order, a 100% refund will be issued back to you. Also, the discount for future orders will be provided by Support Team. If we cannot assign a writer to complete revision of the order, the dispute will remain open and our Dispute Department manager will review your case separately as soon as possible.

My order was delivered to me late

In case the deadline was missed because, for example, you did not provide us with the materials required for completing the order on time, there is no possibility to apply for a refund. According to the policy, we start working on the order only after all the order’s details and materials are received.

Please render the requests information right after you fill in the order form.

If the paper is delivered to you after the deadline expires, you can request recalculation of the price. For example, if you ordered the 8-hour delivery option and the paper was delivered more than 20 minutes later, your price will be recalculated for the 12-hour delivery option and you will be issued a partial refund.

If the deadline for the order delivery is more than 7 days but lateness occurs, the refund will make 10% of the price for the order and be issued to the client if requested.

There are certain cases when we may ask for extension of the deadline because of complexity of the paper. Please note that if you agree to give your personal writer the requested time to complete your order, you cannot ask for the refund.

Any dispute can be opened only within the first 10 days after the paper is delivered to you. Please keep in mind that later requests will not be processed and no refund will be possible.

The revision was delivered to me late

Recalculation of the initial price is not possible in case we did not receive the requested instructions for revision on time. In case we may fail to deliver the revised order on time, you can request recalculation of the initial price or compensation. For instance, if the revised paper was delivered more than 30 minutes after the deadline expired, you are eligible to open a dispute over the refund. Please note that in this case the writer cannot complete any revisions.

Dispute Department manager will review the case within 10-14 business days and offer the most suitable solution. Each case is reviewed separately by Dispute Department. The maximal refund possible in this case is 15% of the initial price.

I am not satisfied with the quality of the completed work

We provide one of the best services on the online market today. We are doing everything possible to satisfy you and make your use of our service maximally convenient. However, there may be situations when aspects of the work process may fail to meet the expectations of our clients.

You are welcome to request an unlimited number of revisions for free or open a dispute for the order within 10 days after the order is delivered to you. Our Dispute Department manager will review your case. The refund up to 100% is possible in such case. However, in order to prevent any fraud on the client’s part, our Dispute Department reviews each order thoroughly, checking if it meets the quality and originality requirements, as well as the instructions set. We ask the client to provide strong arguments to open the dispute. If no arguments are provided within 10 days after the dispute is opened, the refund is no longer possible.

Please note that we consider you approved of and accepted the delivered paper if you do not open a dispute within 10 days after the delivery of its original version. After the 10 days expire, it is no longer possible to open a dispute over the refund.

I want to cancel my order

If you want to cancel the order before the writer was assigned, 100% refund will be sent back to you.

If you decide to cancel the order after the writer is assigned and less than the half of the time set has already passed, 70% refund is available, since we must compensate your writer’s work.

If you want to cancel the order after the writer is assigned to complete it and more than the half of the time set has already passed, up to 30% refund is available.

If you want to cancel the order, but the writer has completed the paper earlier and we have delivered it to you before the deadline expired, you are not eligible for a refund.

I have received my paper but I would like you to issue my money back

In order to request a refund, you should open a dispute over the order. The dispute will be handled by Dispute Department manager.

Please remember that you can open the dispute within 10 days after the first version of the paper was delivered to you. If within the next 10 days you do not inform us on your remarks about the work done, the order will be considered as approved and no further adjustments to it can be made. Issuing a refund or opening a dispute aren’t possible.

Please stay updated about the progress of your order and check the delivered order on time. We appreciate your cooperation with us in order for preventing disputable situations.

I submitted my paper but there was plagiarism detected

We check each paper with our own plagiarism detection software that was designed by our IT department. But we must warn you that the only plagiarism detection software that today shows 100% accurate results is Turnitin. If you find that any part of the completed paper is plagiarized, please submit the plagiarism report to us. We will either revise your paper for free or delegate the newly opened dispute over the order to Dispute Department for further resolution.

Please keep in mind that we accept plagiarism reports only from or your university.

ATTENTION! When you check your paper through Turnitin, the system automatically copies the content of to the database. So, when the paper is checked on for the second time, the program will detect 100% plagiarism. Do not use Turnitin by yourself if you know that your professor will check your paper through the program after you submit it.  

I would like you to refund my payment for the additional features

If you select additional features while placing the order, such as writer’s samples, editor’s service or a summary page, please note that these additional features are nonrefundable. However, you can request a refund for changing the writer’s category only if your order is not assigned to our writer yet. However, if the order is already in progress, the refund will not be possible.

Research Data Regulations

In case a customer provides a writer with…

  • an approved proposal having certain research results
  • the conclusions, which were approved by a scientific advisor and are based on the research that has been carried out

… the customer is obliged to send the data referred to as well.

If the customer does not have this data and wants the writer to adjust either the primary or secondary research results as per the conclusions approved by the scientific advisor, this is also possible. However, the customer makes such a decision at their own risk, since we cannot guarantee the high quality of the scientific paper based on the adjusted results.

We are willing to know your questions, concerns or suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact our Support Team 24/7. Our team of professionals will always assist you and find the most suitable solution for you.

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