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The prices we offer are based on the following factors:

  • Academic level of the paper
  • Number of pages you order
  • Deadline of the order delivery
  • Additional features (only if included into the customer’s requirements)

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The prices do not include the Value Added Tax
(imposed only in the European Union and United the Kingdom).

The prices given do not include any primary research. Please note that in case primary research is required for your assignment, our writer may not be able to gather the primary data from interviews, observations, questionnaires etc. This is due to the extra time needed to collect and analyse this information, differences in geographical locations and possible lack of necessary sources.

However, based on the materials you send us or indicate for us to find, as well as on specific details, your writer can come up with hypothetical results of an experiment, survey or other research activities.

If your assignment still requires primary research with real results, you are welcome to proceed with the additional payment for the primary research option.

Change of Instructions Once the Order is Assigned

In case the customer decides to change the instructions for the order after a writer has been assigned, we can request an additional payment of 30-70% of the initial price. The requested amount depends on how long it has been since the writer started working on the paper and the changes needed. Once the payment request is sent, we will notify the customer about it (via email, phone or message). If the client is not in touch, we reserve the right to complete the work according to the updated instructions, so it can be finished within the set deadline.

Additional services

Deadline Content writing Cover Letter writing Resume writing CV writing
Deadline High school College University Master's Doctoral

You can use Editor’s service when ordering a paper from us. Editor’s service implies that a professional ENL writer will check the completed paper and make necessary corrections. This service is provided only by professional native English writers holding Master’s and PhD degrees and coming from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

In case you need to see the writer’s works as examples, you can order the samples of their papers for $5. We will send you randomly chosen essays or articles that your writer has completed before. Please note that we do not take responsibility for quality of the texts you receive, since our system chooses files automatically. There is also an option to change a writer in case you can provide a valid reason for that.

If your assignment requires a 1-page summary, you are welcome to order it as an additional service. Our writer will summarize the completed paper on one page, analysing the main points of the whole work. The requirements for the summary of each paper are reviewed individually.

We have made everything possible to make our Pricing Policy affordable and convenient for you. The prices at are average on the online market today and budget-friendly. That has been proved by the feedback of thousands content students who used our service.

Our goal is your full satisfaction with our service. We work for your perfect future!

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