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What Is the Longest War in US History?


This article discusses the most important American wars, both civil and foreign ones. We will pay close attention to the most important dates in the US history and its deadliest war.

American Automobile History Timeline

American car history

The automobile history timeline started in the year 1768 with the invention of steam power. In 1806, the first cars moved by internal combustion engines (ICE) were constructed. This led to the gasoline's engine invention in 1885. This kind of an engine is used worldwide nowadays.

“Patriotism”: Definition, Essay Topics and Prompts

Young Patriots

The concept of patriotism has started attracting special interest during recent decades. Usually it is defined as a feeling of love to someone’s country although it has different connotations and is linked with a number of other notions. In case your task is to write an essay about patriotism, you may select among a range of paper types, such as definition, argumentative, historical, explication.

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