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Coolessay coupon would be an amazing thing, taking into account the low prices we offer, don`t you think? We care about our customers here and the customers` satisfaction is our main aim. It is not a surprise that we often get the feedback like the following:

“I cannot believe that you have completed my research paper so fast and at such a low price! My time costs much more, thus ordering with you is quite a good deal!”

Discipline: Health care, “US Health Care System vs One Developed Country`s Health System”
Pages: 4

Factors that Influence the Order Total and Ways to Save Your Money

Save Your Money

As you can see on our pricing list page, the prices for orders are fixed and easy to be calculated. As the price is defined by a set of certain order details, you can modify them to get the price lowered even without the CoolEssay discount code. The quality of the order`s completion will never sacrifice as we provide our customers with the best quality papers only!

  • Type of Service

    There are a few types of services performed by our company and each has its prices.

    Writing from Scratch Rewriting Editing Proofreading

    Draft Requirement

    No Yes Yes Yes

    Amount of Changes Possible to Be Made

    100% original text Up to 70% of changes Up to 30% of changes No changes excluding grammar, word choice and other minor corrections

    100% Plagiarism Free Guarantee

    Yes Only for the part of text written by the writer Only for the part of text written by the writer No


    The highest price from the services offered The price is lower than for writing from scratch The price is lower than for rewriting The lowest price from the services offered

    As you can see, the price can be lowered due to the change of type of service needed for you. You will need to pay much less for a fixing, than for completion of your paper from the very beginning. Simply give it a try and let our writer do all the necessary corrections for you to get a high grade.

  • Academic Level
    Choose an Academic Level

    The academic level selection directly depends on your academic institution and the year of studies. It determines the level of complexity of your paper. However, there are some rare situations, when you get an extremely easy essay to write, and you think that it can be completed at a lower academic level. However, please note that all the orders are being checked by the quality department. If the academic level is not appropriate for your assignment instructions, you will be asked to pay additionally.

  • Deadline

    The less urgent is your assignment – the lower price you will need to pay. Please, be sure that we deliver all the papers in time and often even long before the due time. Thus, you can select the longest possible deadline for you and there is no need to overpay for the shorter one.

    “I ordered an essay to be done for me within 7 days and I was a bit worried, because the order due time was the same as my professor has set. I was so happy to get the completed paper 3 days before!!! appreciate your help.”

    Discipline: Linguistics, “Psycholinguistics”
    Pages: 3
  • Number of Pages
    Lower Your Price

    The payment is calculated taking into account the number of pages needed. If you take off a page (275 words), your price will get lower. You can request even 2 pages less, because a title page and a reference page come for free with our service. It is also possible to request an extended outline with the ideas for structure and the content, like some customers do:

    “thank you CoolEssay for the help! I have ordered just 2 pages of outline as I completely didn`t know what to write about. The writer not only provided me with a perfectly written extended outline, but also explained me some ideas to be included. Your service is priceless!!”

    Discipline: History, “From Slavery to the Holocaust”
    Pages: 5

    Kindly, remember, that after having lowered the price due to modification of the above mentioned categories, you can still apply a CoolEssay discount code having got the CoolEssay Coupon. The price will turn to be the lowest one possible and we guarantee you that you won`t be able to find a cheaper service.

Types of Discounts

Our company has a good system of CoolEssay discounts for customers.

  • The Constantly Working Discounts

    There are discounts, which are available any time, and you can request them to lower the order total.

    • The CoolEssay Discount Code for the First Time Ordering

      We are always willing to help. So, there is a possibility to get a CoolEssay Coupon for the first time ordering for you to be more confident about trying our website`s assistance.

    • The CoolEssay Coupon for the Returning Customers

      We also appreciate the trust of our returning and regular customers. Thus, they surely deserve a good CoolEssay discount from our service.

  • The Temporary CoolEssay Discount Offers

    There are also some temporary CoolEssay coupons possible. Kindly, note that two different discounts cannot be summarized and you can apply only one code.

    • The CoolEssay Discounts Due to Holidays Each customer has a possibility to get a good CoolEssay discount code due to the holiday time. Thus, do not hesitate to ask for a CoolEssay coupon.
    • The CoolEssay Coupon Possibility due to Low Season There are low seasons during the academic years, when the number of orders gets lower. For example, you can ask for a good CoolEssay discount placing your order in summer.

    “I was taking an online course during my summer holidays and I needed a paper to be done, but I get a great trip offer! I ordered my assignment to be done with coolessay and I got a huge discount because of summer time! I saved my money and I could travel without worries! thanks a lot, coolessay!”

    Discipline: Nursing, “The People with Learning Disabilities”
    Pages: 20

How to Get a CoolEssay Discount Code and Apply It?

The process of getting a good discount for CoolEssay services is quite easy. We do not need you to do anything, simply ask!

Step 1: Contact Support Team

Step 2: Tell that the Price Is Too High for You (+ Inform that You Are the Returning Customer)

Step 3: Get a CoolEssay Discount Code

Step 4: Put It into a CoolEssay Discount Code Field and Press “Apply”

Check what our customers say about the CoolEssay Coupon:

“Coolessay is a cool service for real! support helped me to calculate the price for my order and I was surprised about the total. I asked “oh, really”? Then the support representative asked me if the price is okay and suggested a discount! I have never seen such a low price indeed. and yes, my paper was brilliant!”

Discipline: Sociology, “A Political Ideology and the Social Policy”
Pages: 15

A CoolEssay Discount Code

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