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What Are the Different Note-taking Methods?

Note-taking System

I would wager the majority of students use the sentence method of note-taking. In the sentence method, you just grab a piece of paper and try to write down everything your professor is saying. Unfortunately, what you are going to end up with is a big sheet of paper that is covered with writing which really difficult to find necessary information in. So, is there a unique note-taking guide to write faster?

What is the Meaning of the Term Philosophy?

What is the Meaning of the Term Philosophy?

Philosophy is a discipline which concerns the matters of universe, existence, reasons, values etc. It also deals with their interrelation. The first to mention this term was Greek sophist Pythagoras. Nowadays the study includes various methods, like a rational argument, questioning, systemic presentation, and critical debates. Thinkers put questions: What is the world? How real is it?

What is the Meaning of BMW Acronym?

What is the Meaning of BMW Acronym?


Plenty of notorious brands are known for their abbreviations. Let`s see – AMC, AMD, CVS, A&W, NSBC, KMART, DSW, MAC, FIAT, and more. They are familiar to millions of people all over the world. German vehicle manufacturer BMW continues or even starts the list of the most renowned company acronyms. It is also known as Bimmer and Boomer. People guess what does BMW stand for, who is the owner of BMW?

What is PU Leather? What is it Made of? How it Differs?

What is PU Leather?


People have to upgrade their dwelling now and again. You may not be fond of shopping and hate long queues, nevertheless, you still need to move out and visit markets. Trying to find an appropriate thing, you may get confused. Nowadays there are millions of propositions from different manufacturers. You will be overwhelmed by the price range and countless variants of material types.

What is Bonjour - All Meanings of the Word

What is bonjour?

People all over the world know that “bonjour” is a French greeting. Nevertheless, it has some different meanings. What is bonjour? What is Bonjour service? These and other popular questions we are going to answer hereafter. Bonjour stands for French greeting. It is “hello” in French. It is the main and widely spread meaning of the word. Nowadays it is used in other languages too, including English.

What is a Dislocated Worker?

What is a dislocated worker


In the time of continued global economic downfall, people are in the financial danger. They can`t be sure about their current place of employment. We hear about halts to business ever an again. They lead to massive layoffs. When people lose their work, they are called dislocated workers. It happens so not due to their poor professional skills or failures. Generally, job loss occurs because of externals which they can`t control.

What Does XD Mean - 4 Meanings of XD

What does XD mean

Nowadays people have a tendency towards simplifying speech. The main reason is that it`s not very convenient to write long sentences. Especially, when using mobile devices to chat. Networking has appeared to be a mainstream activity. A great layer of teenagers prefers to communicate in social media rather than face to face. To make the exchange of ideas faster, they use different acronyms and emoticons.

What Does WCW Mean?

What does WCW mean

Social media language differs extremely from a literal one. A person who is not an active Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter user is going to face certain problems when reading LOML, TBH, GPOY, or other acronyms. WCW is among the most common hashtags in social networks. People write it like #WCW.

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