Social Stratification Essay. Part 1


So, we are writing an essay on another very important sociological topic. We must say that this topic is often touched upon in various articles and publications, so, if necessary, there are many interesting sources where you can find information. For example, you can always read relevant articles on the blog.

Cultural Sociology. Example of an Essay. Part 2

Student Writing

So, in the previous part of the article we focused on the perception of culture by the youth. Thus, self-realization of the youth is characterized by the desire for emotional and moral self-affirmation along with the search for entertaining content and under the influence of group stereotypical attitudes, interests, attitudes, and values.

Something About Speech Culture. Example of an Essay


What is communication? Many people do not even suspect what a significant role the communication process plays in their lives. Two friends chat on the phone, agreeing on a club to go to in the evening. Grandmother tells her grandson a fairy tale. Two people in business suits exchange arguments in the cool, air-conditioned office. All these are examples of communication.

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