Essay on The Tradition of Federalism. Part 2

The States

We continue to consider the topic started in the previous part of the article. It should be noted that the Americans are very gentle and reverent towards their Founding Fathers and until now the image of Madison is used not simply as the image of a great old man – a dead man in a wig to whom we pay homage, but Madison is a real hero of American politics. His biographies are constantly published. The last biography was very popular in America in 2014.

Essay on The Tradition of Federalism. Part 1


Most of the concepts are invented by philosophers. Republic, equality, civil society, the state as a monopoly on legitimate physical violence – all these ideas arose in the philosophical tradition, provoking fierce disputes and becoming a scandal for their time. Today, philosophy continues to create new revolutionary ideas, lining up to change the world. Among them, we see anarchism, feminism, cosmopolitanism or libertarianism.

Reasons and Effective Practices to Study a Foreign Language

Speaking People

Summer is coming; it’s time when people choose a country to travel, buy and download travel guides on smartphones and get to know about a country profile in general. The language is a part of any culture. You’re lucky if in the country you are going to travel to, people speak English (most European countries), but how to act if you travel to some exotic country where a tiny percent of native speakers know at least some general phrases in an international language?

The Phenomenon of Procrastination and Methods to Give It Up

Person Procrastinating

Are you aware of such notion as procrastination or, in other words, postponing of important things for an undefined period of time? That’s how it happens: you get up in the morning with a strong motivation to prepare a report in Sociology, make a cup of latte, switch on your laptop, log in to Facebook and that’s it. Moreover, you put a strict deadline to look through Facebook news only during ten minutes. Let it be so: half an hour! “I can’t believe my eyes! It’s already 6 pm! This time I promise myself to prepare the report tomorrow. Anyway, I have enough time for it.”

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