How to Improve English Writing Skills?

English skills

Are you ready to write in English like a pro? If you need to write business emails, academic essays, academic papers, essays for an IELTS exam, you need to practice your writing skills on a regular basis. This is a problem I have been struggling with for many years. I suppose you can understand me – you’ve stumbled upon this article for a reason. That is why I want to share some ways out and personal tips on how to improve English writing skills.

Is It Normal to Hate College?


Nowadays it is hard not to hate. People hurt us with their words, institutions hurt us with their people. Hate is tearing us apart, breaking our spirit and taking pleasure in watching us bleed. But we are trying so hard not to collapse under the weight of all the thoughts we hear in our heads and all the eyes we feel on our backs. Now, it does sound like the opening lines for “Sons of Anarchy”. However, let’s not get distracted and get to the point of this article. 

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?


I am going to start off with a definition for a synthesis essay. In simple terms, this type of writing requires the author to formulate an idea which must be backed by several sources. Yes, it might remind you of a research or a thesis paper.

What Is Coursework in College?


College coursework is basically a student’s extended paper or a project which aims to develop writing skills and demonstrate the level of your knowledge in this field. It is a kind of paper that you complete during the year, unlike the exam at the end of a course. The exact definition of college coursework is blurry. It depends on the subject.

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