Revision Policy has been successfully providing high-quality works for more than 5 years. We do our best to satisfy our new and regular customers. In accordance with our company’s Revision Policy, after you receive a completed paper from us, you are welcome to request revisions of the order. You can find the list of the main terms below.

Revision instructions

When submitting your comments for the revision, please make sure they do not contradict the original instructions for the assignment. In case you change the original instructions for the order, an additional payment will be requested. Depending on the changes required, the price for the revision service may be recalculated as for the editing or rewriting service, which makes 50% or 75% of the initial price respectively.

Ordering revision

When sending the instructions for the revision to us, please indicate your order number so that we can review your case faster. To place an order for the revision of your paper, please enter your personal account and click on the Request Revision button. Do not forget to set the new deadline.

Time for the revision request

You are eligible to request as many revisions as needed before you get fully content with quality of the paper. Please keep in mind that you have only 10 days to request revisions of the paper from the day we delivered it to you. Within these 10 days the number of free revisions is unlimited.


If you are not satisfied with the writer assigned to complete your order, you have the right to ask Support Team to change this writer after he or she makes 3 revisions. Please specify valid arguments for your request, since we will not change the writer if there is no specific reason for that on your part.

Progressive delivery

If your order contains more than 30 pages, free revisions are possible within 20 days after the first version of the paper is delivered to you.

Money back

Please note that we cannot consider your request for a compensation unless at least 2 revisions of your paper are completed. If your order’s deadline is less than 24 hours, you should request at least 1 revision of the paper. However, please note that you should provide us with valid reasons for requesting a refund.

Time frame

The minimal deadline for revision is 3 hours. Please keep in mind that in certain cases we may ask you to extend the deadline for the writer. For example, if we deliver a paper to you earlier than the deadline you set expires, we may ask you to allow us to use the remaining time to make a revision. Please note that if you initially set the deadline shorter than 24 hours, the minimal revision time is 2 hours.

Please remember that you are not eligible for any refunds if you do not request revisions of your order. Partial refunds are not available as well, except for the refund for the writer’s category if the writer was changed. You should request at least 2 revisions before opening a dispute over your order (1 revision if you set the 3-hour of 8-hour deadline). Each dispute is resolved by Dispute Department separately.

Lengthy Orders Placed in Parts

For the customers who are placing orders for the lengthy papers completion, we have special deadline options. If the order was placed for more than 30 pages and the writer completes it in parts, we can provide you with 20 days of free revisions for every part in spite of the number of pages which the certain part contains.

In case you have paid for the revision your order can be revised unlimitedly within 10 days (papers that are less than 30 pages) or within 20 days (papers that have 30 pages and more).

Grade confirmation

Customers are able to send us professor’s comments and notes about the research materials delivered by our writing service. If the valid grade confirmation and review issued by a school, college or university are provided, we will guarantee a free revision according to the available comments within the next four months. We do not guarantee a specific grade to be received, though we will do our best to meet all the specifications properly.

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