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“5 Senses” Essay, or How to Write a Good Description

When you get an assignment to write a description, in fact, you are expected to show your skillfulness in creating true to life images. In order to do that you have to appeal to reader’s imagination, this can be done through 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. A picture that you are describing should not be only visual, but the audience has to feel its scent and flavors. Try not to make the subject of your description silent: give to it voices and noises; explain to the reader how it would feel if he or she touched it. You can find more descriptive tools in out article.

Creating a visual image.

  • Appealing to reader’s sight is, probably, the most basic way to start a description. However, it is one of the most effective parts as mainly we perceive the surrounding us world and get information about it with the help of our eyes.
  • Your task in making a visual picture is not to be simplistic. One of usual student’s mistakes is providing a rather plain description. The solution here is using details that will make the subject of your description unique.
  • In this case you will find helpful such language figures as similes, epithets and metaphors. Factually, they can be used for every type of description.

Appealing to reader’s hearing.

  • Sound association as also significant as they make the picture of yours sonorous.
  • If you are attentive to the world you must have noticed that we are surrounding with a symphony of sounds every moment. Some of them have positive connotations for us and some are taken negatively. Think of the impression, which you are intending to make by your description, and select the sound suitable for it.

Smell associations.

  • It is a well-known fact that smell is closely connected with our memory and can take us to different places and times that we have been in before. For sure, every person has their own associations with various scents but there are some typical with encouraging or destructing meaning. If you are sure about the purpose of your descriptive writing you can feel free to choose one of them.
  • In order to make your essay original, think of unique smell association of yours and explicate them in your writing.

Appealing to taste.

  • In order to refer to the reader’s taste you can use adjectives. Note that words like “tasty” or “delicious”, in fact, just mean that something is pleasant for perception.
  • We recommend you to use the adjectives that are specific and will make an accent on the details. For example: watering, fruity, full-boded, gingery, mellow, malty, minty, moist, smokey, smooth etc.

The sense of touch.

  • Two major association of touch are pleasure and pain. If you describe some soft and silky affects the reader will feel comfortable with your essay.
  • Often you will need to describe feelings connected with weather conditions, like wind, snow, heat, or rain. For this matter, try to find creative epithets, like: shivering, trembling, quaking, scorching, boiling, sizzling, sweltering, muggy, drizzly, showery, hoary, arctic etc.


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