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When writing a moral values essay, it is important for the writer to determine his stance. Knowing exactly how one feels about a situation will make writing a moral dilemma essay much easier. It is difficult to write anything without a premise, and the same is true when writing an essay regarding morals. No matter what one's position is, the writer must clearly state it - along with reasons why he feels the way he does. The essay should not be offensive, yet it should effectively explain the stance of the writer.

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To write an effective essay everyone needs some sort of moral values, but as with anything in life, values are as unique as the person who holds them. This is why when writing a moral values essay, it is important to be specific so that the reader does not assume anything - especially when it comes to the position of the writer. The best way to make an effective essay on moral values is by:

1. Choose your position in the moral dilemma;

2. Provide information regarding your decision;

3. Explaine the pro's and con's of your position;

4. Write in a clear and concise fashion.

Once the writer chooses his position, he may then begin writing the moral dilemma essay, being sure every point is clearly stated so that the reader is not misled. Because not everyone feels the same way about certain moral situations, it is best to provide information regarding why the decision was made. This information should be clear, but carefully written not to offend the reader. A good way of making sure one's moral value essay is not offensive is by including a balance of pro's and con's to one's position. By doing so, the writer acknowledges the imperfections of his position, making it more realistic and believable.

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