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Sociology class may require a cultural diversity essay writing

Cultural diversity stands for the mash up of various types of cultures having different traditions often found in one geographical area. What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? This cultural diversity essay clearly depicts what it means and its impact.

Religion- Cultural diversity essentially encompasses a difference in religion. Even if the people found in a region might be of the same religion, their method of worship might vary drastically. Even the festivals and the rituals observed by them might be different.

Food- What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Food and eating habits are definitely one of them. A culturally diverse group differs in the food that they usually consume. The staple food and eating times also vary. The preparation and method of eating something also varies.

We can answer on the question what are the dimensions of cultural diversity

Dressing- Cultural diversity is incomplete without noticeable change in the dressing of a group. The type of fabric preferred and the make and style of the dress donned speaks a lot about a person's culture and background. Also, dressing might vary depending on the occasion. On more traditional occasions, the native dresses are worn with panache while on regular days, more casual clothes are usually preferred.

Traditions- The traditions observed vary even within a small geographical area. Some might consider a cat crossing a street as inauspicious while others might keep the same cat as a pet.

A cultural diversity essay should necessarily depict the differences that are observed in the native folk of a region. The key is to capture visual proofs. Also, talking to the natives and residents of the area can give you a very good idea about the dialect they use and the subtle differences therein. Even photographs clicked with care can portray the changes that are there. These changes have been instituted long back and they are embedded deep within the general culture and traditions of the people inhabiting a certain region. That is what cultural diversity actually is.

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