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Coronavirus Essay: Catch the Hype, But Beware


Okay, you want to catch the hype and write an essay on coronavirus. It seems easy because everyone is talking and writing about it. But, beware of the following.

Difficulties in Writing a Coronavirus Essay

What are the pitfalls of writing an essay on COVID coronavirus?

It Would Be Difficult to Be Original in Your Essay on Coronavirus

Yes, everyone is quick to write a COVID-19 essay as well as include the latest updates in the field. Therefore, you will not be able to include any fresh ideas; everything that was possible to be said was already written somewhere. The only ways to make your essay on COVID-19 brighter is to add your personal analysis of the situation, especially its social side, or include your prediction about how long the pandemic is going to last and why it will end.

There Is Too Much Info, But Basically Nothing for Your Essay on COVID-19

Even though the topic of coronavirus is trendy, all the texts and articles are just beating about the bush with little information as a basis. The topic is hot but new, so you will not be able to find a lot of reliable academic COVID-19 research papers. The problem is not yet well-researched, and this is one of the ways why the virus became a pandemic. The only way for you to overcome this problem is to go to a lab (if you are a micro-biologist and if your country/city is not on quarantine) and work on your own coronavirus research paper. However, this sounds too difficult, and you still have no opportunity to carry experiments on people due to moral and ethical restrictions.

So, What to Write In the COVID-19 Essay?

Here is the information you can include in your COVID essay. Here is an informational skeleton that is necessary even if you write a personal analysis on sociology connected with COVID-19.

Introduction for the Coronavirus Essay

Coronaviruses is a big family of respiratory viruses, which can cause diseases ranging from a regular cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome. Currently in the world, there is a pandemic of COVID-19 modification.

Diagnostics of COVID-19: How to Determine the Disease at the Early Stages?

At the early stages of the disease, coronavirus has the same symptoms as the other acute virus diseases. So, COVID-19 can be diagnosed only with the help of special tests.

The most widespread symptoms are headache, cough, fever, difficulties with breathing, in some cases – diarrhea and conjunctivitis.

Nevertheless, an early diagnostic is necessary to prevent the severe form of pneumonia. It is important to contact the doctor in case one has the abovementioned symptoms, especially after having visited any of the countries with a high spread of COVID-19, as well as after contacting someone, who visited the countries. The doctor will examine the patient and see whether the test on coronavirus is necessary.

Who Belongs to the Risk Group? Warn in Your Coronavirus Essay

It all depends on the personal immunity of people, but still, there are groups of people who have the higher risks of getting things tough because of COVID-19.

  • Seniors, who have low immunity due to their age.
  • People with chronic diseases and thus weak immunity.
  • Medical workers (for the countries where the cases of coronavirus were officially confirmed).
  • People who contacted with those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, even though they do not have any symptoms of the disease. Staying closer than 2m to the infected person or for more than 15 minutes makes the risk higher (same refers to closed rooms). This category includes those, who could catch the virus via handshake with the infected person.
  • People who had an insecure contact with infectious secretions, for example, were close to those with cough, touched the used paper napkins with bare hands, etc.
  • Passengers of a plane who were two seats far from the infected individual, as well as the crew members who served the flight.

How One Can Catch the COVID-19 Virus? Essential Info for the Coronavirus Essay

Since people are afraid of the pandemic, they want to know more about how it can be transmitted, and here is the room for your essay. This information is also important if you want to write an essay on COVID-19 quarantine, analyzing the measures and their effectivity, as well as suggesting some more.

  • It is known that coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets as well as through contacts with infected individuals.
  • Coronavirus does not circulate in the air, and cannot travel long distances. Therefore, keeping a distance of 2 meters makes one safe even near the infected person.
  • COVID-19 can live around 3 hours on surfaces, hence the need to disinfect surfaces, door handles, etc.
  • One can get infected with COVID-19 if he/she touches the rare meat, animals, surfaces with the virus, and then touches his/her mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, etc.

Is COVID-19 a Deadly Virus? Break the Panic in Your COVID-19 essay

Despite the panic, COVID-19 cannot be considered a deadly virus since the death rate is 3.3%. Only around 20% of all cases are considered as difficult, and only 3% require reanimation measures.

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus? COVID-19 Quarantine Recommendations

Hands Sanitizing

Here are the recommendations for everyone to stay safe. Easy measures can save lives. Furthermore, the quarantine requirements are also based on the following.

  • It is necessary to wash hands with soap frequently, especially after walks, before meals, after visits to a toilet. The procedure should last 20-40 seconds. The water should be warm.
  • Another recommendation for keeping safe from coronavirus that is to be included into COVID-19 essay is hand treatment with alcohol-containing antiseptic. The antiseptic must contain 60-80% of alcohol or 2% of chlorhexidine. The antiseptic needs to cover all the hands’ surface. The procedure should last around 30 seconds. It is necessary to pay an especial attention to the under-nails surface since it gathers the most bacteria. The procedure is a must after a contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • One should also avoid crowded places. There, it is impossible to keep the 2 meters distance.
  • In case of any symptoms, the best way is to stay at home and contact the doctor.
  • Since the incubation period of COVID-19 is long, it is a good idea to wear masks in order to prevent transmitting the disease while the symptoms are not yet clear. The mask needs to cover the nose and the mouth. It should be tight. Once the mask is wet, it should be changed, otherwise, it should be changed every 4 hours, and never reused.


We have provided you with some basic information that can be helpful for your coronavirus essay. However, if you need a specific point reviewed, or write an argumentative/analytic/descriptive essay, we would be glad to help you further.

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