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We are glad to tell you some important facts about writing essays and specifics of writing different types of essays. Check some important tips to do your assignment well!

How to write an essay? Everybody knows in general what an essay is as everybody has ever got such assignment at school. Nevertheless, the background understanding of this assignment won`t result in doing a proper essay, which would meet all the requirements of such type of essay.

So, what is essay? Essay is the genre of academic writing, which carries an analysis and evaluation of a certain issue in order to state an academic opinion on it. You should clearly feel the difference between the academic opinion and your personal point of view on a certain issue. Academic opinion is always well-supported with arguments; it is logically based on some materials and researches performed. You should speak about issue in an objective manner, without expressing of any feelings.

Firstly, you should know that there is no assignment for “just a simple essay”. There are various types of essay and your assignment will fall into one of these types. There can be mentioned 4 major types of essays: narrative essay, persuasive essay, descriptive essay and expository essays. There types have also subtypes and there are really lots of them. Before writing an essay you should define, which type of writing you deal with in order to meet your professor`s requirements properly.

So, narrative essays are actually essays completed in “telling story” manner. You can talk from the 1st person or from the 3rd one, but you should choose only one way. However, a narrative essay can also have direct speech parts, and there phrases from different persons can be included. The story needs to be vivid and interesting, so your reader will be interested in what is going to be the next page of the story. Mostly, narrative essays are about experience from real life and need to look true, so the basis of such essays is structure of events.

Persuasive essay is the essay, where you try to convince someone, that the point of view you support is correct and better than other ones. So, your main aim is to provide decent arguments with links to reliable sources in order to show that your point of view is efficient. It will be good to use some persuasive techniques as well, and you should take into account your potential readers` interests, age and being aware on the subject you talk about. So, the basic point of such an essay is opinion.

Descriptive essays are about subjects and their features. In general, when writing a descriptive paper, the person is aimed on creating a picture of a subject and telling as more features of different types, as are enough for reader to imagine it. The main things of descriptive essays are features, which could be imagined in picture.

Expository essay deals with facts and conclusions made on those facts. You are required to do a research or perform an analysis of a certain issue, point or subject, and come to a certain conclusion after that. The person writing an expository essay should be maximally objective and base his thoughts on pure facts only. Such essay should be full of statistical data, results of experiments and different types of research. This results on no using “I” sentences and in using a lot of complex sentences. The main point of such essay writing is the fact and system of connected facts.

Determination of type of paper helps you to write a essay properly and professor will be satisfied with your performance.

We can also offer you a professional writer, who will advise which essay type will be the most suitable for your topic and help you on its high quality writing. With our help you will learn fast how to write an essay!

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