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How to Write an Exemplification Essay

The variety of academic tasks that students are asked to complete is huge. But what if a student needs to complete an essay standing a bit beyond, aside from common norms, formats, and standards of academic papers? 


Exemplification essay writing


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You are probably familiar with descriptive, argumentative, and narrative essays already, and you understand them well because high school, college, or university students get such tasks regularly. But what is the exemplification essay?

In case this question is bothering you now, you should read this article.

The word "exemplification" seems to sound like something big and incredibly severe. Nevertheless, it is an argumentative essay, but a bit extended one.

To write a perfect exemplification essay, you create an argumentative essay and insert more details into its main body. In an exemplification paper, numbers and unbiased facts are your best friends, because here you should ground your words and opinions more solidly than in other texts you might write.

Professors usually tend to treat you easier if you use precise numbers and\or proper citations when writing an exemplification essay during classes. In case you complete a task at home, check dates, numbers, and citations twice to make sure they are right. Ask the professor a question about the formatting style (MLA, APA, and Chicago) of the writing if it is not specified in requirements for some reason.

Exemplification Essay Writing Guide

There are four stages you should pass through thoroughly to make your exemplification essay the best one.

Brainstorm Your Essay and Get the Outline

The brainstorm is essential here for the first draft, and the first draft is critical for the following steps. To begin, note on the paper list the ideas and concepts, appearing in your mind. After writing down ones, you free more space in your head for new ideas, thoughts, and conclusions helping you in essay writing. And at the same time, you should try sorting previously listed ideas into categories and position them in a proper order, too.

To prepare and organize the draft well, don’t forget to write an intro part to begin the exemplification essay, and a conclusion to end it properly. To complete the text, add all the details you find suitable to every paragraph.

As in any other type of essays, the part to reveal the topic, to state and ground your viewpoint is the main body. You should include here facts, supporting arguments, and everything you have to say about the theme and your perception of it. The main body is the part in which you use all the available references, resources, research findings, etc. We highly recommend dividing this text into paragraphs to ease its reading.


Exemplification essay parts


Exemplification Essay Intro

Two critical components of the excellent introduction:

  • The thesis, showing the authors opinion on the topic briefly.
  • The hook for readers, which is called to attract their attention and interest them in going on reading the text.

Action Parts: Main Body Paragraphs

The main body of the exemplification essay is the separate structure standing actually aside of the intro and the summary. The quantity of paragraphs you should include in this part depends on the word count requirements. Keep up with the instructions given by the professor tightly: don't write a shorter text but avoid overextending it as well.

The main body is the point where your created outline is the most important thing for further writing. Here is why: the way you write an exemplification essay depends on the outline built previously. The best draft includes even smaller details potentially able to influence the text you plan to write. The framework is the key to the mind organization: it turns separated thoughts into a readable map for you to follow in writing the best exemplification essay.

The body paragraphs display the data and move forward towards the direction you showed the reader in the intro. Try to perceive it as filling the text quiz task with contents as positioned in a draft.

By the way, the positioning matters. Do not mix your pieces of evidence, proofs, facts, and all the other arguments between themselves. Make facts straight and devote each paragraph to a single case or explanation. 

Do not fill the main exemplification essay body with "water." Each word used there should mean something. Choose what to say and how to say carefully to combine words well.

Closing the Exemplification Essay

All the things required are now on your hands: the intro and the main body with many thin details. You only need to conclude and finalize the exemplification essay.

In conclusion, you should pay attention to all the critical points of the previous essay but not to retell the phrases readers could already get from the main body word by word. Do not make readers think of another viewpoint in a conclusion paragraph, too. Prove once more that you are the expert in the topic and you know what you are saying. Give them things to think about after they finish reading your exemplification essay.

The conclusion is a finishing distance of your text. Make it straightforward.

When being busy with exemplification essays, keep an eye on arguments and ground them with precise and robust facts. It is not really enough to just state your opinion and be happy. Show the reader that the topic can be viewed from another angle, the one they didn't know about.


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