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To write an example of persuasive essays, example of persuasive paper first you should know about the persuasive essays. The persuasive essay otherwise called argument essay makes the readers to take a particular decision. In an example of persuasive essays, example of persuasive paper you should give strong examples for your argument to make the readers accept it. To have the success in writing persuasive essays, you should follow these guidelines.

• First choose the topic you are going to write. You should have the full knowledge of that topic.

• Always remember to consider your readers because they are very important.

• Research well about the topic to be informative.

• Give some examples with quotes for the topic you are writing.

• Also give the evidence for your examples so that it makes your persuasive essay valuable.

• The argument should be of both sides to attract the audience of both sides.

• Point out the mistakes in the opposing argument.

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To choose the topic for the persuasive paper, choose the topic that is well suited for the argument. If everyone agrees with your topic, then it is not a good one. So you should choose the topic with an effect. For example you can have the topic like 'Is love marriage better than arranged marriage?' In this topic, you can argue about many things related to the topic and you can also have the examples about your argument. Many people oppose this topic. You should convince them by including more facts and examples to prove that you are right. Convincing the opposing team with your examples is the success of writing persuasive papers. You can persuade someone who has the type of marriage and has success in his life. So you should select the topic like this to have the success in writing persuasive essays.

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