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Top Guides for Funny Roommate Pranks

A dormitory life of students can sometimes be dull and boring. When you have nothing to do, there always is a choice. You can go in for some funny roommate pranks.


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The best essay writers were students in their past too. So, here below are “receipts” of funny pranks they used to make fun of their roommates. Former students share their experience and creativity. Use new knowledge with care. Laugh a lot. Have fun together. 

Fill the Ice Cream Bucket with Ice

One of the simplest funny roommate pranks is especially suitable for hot weather. If you know there is an ice cream bucket inside your freezer, take some action. Place the ice cream into the other tin (or eat it yourself, ha-ha-ha), and fill the default bucket with water.

Put the filled bucket into a freezing camera a few hours before your roommate comes back to the dorm. Then, wait for them to try getting sweet ice cream after a hot day… and try to picture their face without laughing. 

Scissors + Zip Tie

It is a funny roommate prank that is cruel, as well. The guide is perfect for students who need to use scissors frequently.

To begin, hide everything sharp: knives, needles, other scissors, and any items that can potentially help the mate deal with the zip tie. Take a single zip tie. Take the scissors. Tie their handles through finger holes tightly with the zip tie. Put the blocked scissors on the roommate's desk so they could see them easily. Enjoy the reaction.

Mentos + Coke = Classics

There goes the chemistry lesson for dorm inhabitants. We know this joke is as old as history. But it’s too funny to exclude it from our list of pranks.

Take a single Mentos mint. Pierce it with a needle and a long enough thread piece. Then take a cap of a Coke bottle, place the mint inside and screw the cap back onto the bottle. Make sure the Mentos mint got hanged on the thread. Then, cut off the thread pieces left outside the cap to hide the prank.

Here is what your roommate will get after they try to drink some Coke. You better run away, laughing. 

Replace Deodorant with Ice Cream

Have you ever noticed some stick deodorants look similar to ice cream pieces? Why wouldn’t you use that likeness to create a funny roommate prank?

To begin, buy some white ice cream in a bucket and shape it as a deodorant stick. Then take the roommate's stick out from the container and place the fake one there instead.

That prank will be uniquely funny if the mate would rush to their date at that time.

Soap and Transparent Varnish

It’s another old school prank that never gets outdated. People use soap regularly and automatically in the morning, during the day and in the evening. The confusion on the roommate’s face is worth going to bet. Now, spend some time to organize a prank.

Take a bottle of transparent nail varnish, and cover a piece of dry soap with it entirely. Soap won’t soap up with water but will utterly confuse your roommate in the morning. Try to prepare a camera and take a photo of their face.

Something Too Funny: Room Entry Transformation

That epic funny prank is probably the best one to confuse mates. When your mate leaves the dorm room for a couple of days or more, you can make something really cool. Here’s the guide to one of the funniest roommate pranks ever.

The goal is to turn their room entry into a small storage room. The prank itself will require some materials (wooden planks, tacks, and paints) and instruments (at least a hammer and a saw). Set the fake "walls" made of planks right behind the roommate's door, paint them white/grey/brown/any suitable color, and put there some things you don’t regularly need. 

Watch the mate’s confusion when he or she comes back from a trip and doesn’t find the room in the place.

Carpet and Bubble Wrap

It is a simple and funny prank quite easy to realize. All you need is a bubble wrap and carpet. Cut the bubble wrap piece of the appropriate size and hide it on the floor under the carpet. Stick it there with duct tape if required.

Try not to laugh once your mate enters the room and steps on the carpet. One of my friends commented this prank like, "I thought I was being shot at!"


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 Mannequin Pranks

That’s evil. That’s pure evil. You should be ready for some hate after that funny prank.

Get a usual mannequin (clothes stores can sell you one pretty cheap), and then clothe it like whoever you find suitable. For example, make it look like a robber. Oh, no, there is the crueler idea.

Put your regular clothes on a mannequin and turn it into a “dead body” in the middle of the room. You get it, don’t you? But don’t forget to plan your escape once your friends understand the joke.

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