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Shakespeare's theatrical world was overwhelmingly male. Female characters existed to be rescued, married off or, on occasion, brutally abused and murdered. Lady Macbeth is the brilliant contrast to the protected princess or handmaiden. Instead of analyzing her speeches and descent into madness, what other topics are serious options for Lady Macbeth essays?

Finding Modern Incarnations of the Lady Macbeth

What are the modern incarnations of this character? Could Cruella Deville or the stepmother in Snow White be considered the modern incarnation in modern theater to Lady Macbeth? In your essay on Lady Macbeth, identify other modern movie and literary examples modeled on Lady Macbeth.

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The Morality Tale of Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth initially chooses the evil act of killing King Duncan, assuming she can dismiss the deed from her mind. However, her guilt surfaces as she sleepwalks and repeatedly tries to wash the blood from her hands. Is her suffering and eventual death the result of her sins, or is Shakespeare suggesting that even the most evil people will come to feel guilt over time?

The Ladies Behind Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth essays can study the literary source for Shakespeare's Lady. The murderous wife of King Duff and the scheming wife of Grouch are combined into Shakespeare's Lady. What traits of Lady Macbeth can be traced to these two characters?

Evil or Equal?

Lady Macbeth is willing to kill to place her husband on the throne. An essay on Lady Macbeth could compare her to other Shakespearean characters who committed similar deeds and the degree to which they are considered evil. Is she equally evil compared to other murderers, or is she considered evil because she could be as evil as the male characters? Is she evil for asking to be made more masculine through the request to be sterile and strong, or is she evil for murdering a king to put her husband on the throne?

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