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Writing a book is not that hard once someone discovers the secret in it. There are various reasons that make people write books. Some of these reasons are the very ones that make someone decide to write a very persuasive speech about friendship or just any essay about friendship. Other than this, they can also write blog posts, articles as well as any other interesting materials for people to read. The following are some of the reasons why people write books:

• In order to make money. Book writing is one way one can earn his or her living in a smart manner. For example one can decide to write a legendary book which the both the youths and the elderly may find interesting as this reminds them of the past history.

• Another reason why people get to book writing is to communicate. Many times, writers find many awkward tendencies in different institutions that they feel can only be criticized through book writing.

• Others also wish to write an essay about friendship. There are those who thrive through the support of their friends. In a bid show to their appreciation; many have resorted to writing them at least a persuasive speech about friendship.

• Presentation of religious as well as political point of view is another reason why people write books. People wish to express their views through book writing.

• Other reasons for engaging into narrative writing include to tell stories, as one way of becoming self reliant, to sell services as well as products.

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In conclusion, it is very important to note that just as writing books is self paying or rewarding, involving academic writing agencies is of great essence. This is because they help with the technical advice which will see one coming out with a qualitatively written book.

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