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Your teacher has assigned you a topic, a research paper on capital punishment. You need to write an argumentative essay on capital punishment. How can you write a paper on a topic that has literally been beaten to death by thousands of other students? And what can you write other than a paper based on rehashed debates on the value of life or pulling in religious references that may offend the teacher?

When Is Death Good Enough?

It has been said that what is a capital offense in one society is a mortal requirement in another. Write about how morality in a society, such as the religion held by the majority of the population, affects the death penalty. Rape victims in Pakistan and Indonesia risk jail time and even death at the hands of family members for the perceived crime of violating their family's honor. What crimes universally warrant the death penalty? Which societal influences determine what a criminal offense is and what is simply deemed offensive?

A research paper on capital punishment can also study the evolution of criminal offenses in Western societies. For example, serial convictions of theft could result in a death penalty in the 1700s in England. Conversely, is the death penalty more common in times of economic collapse?

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The Impact of Medical Science

The death penalty is waning due to the growing belief that killing someone does no good, neither rehabilitating the criminal nor serving as a sufficient deterrent to others. However, the death penalty can save lives when organ donation is an option.

What is the long term impact of medical science on the death penalty? If organ transplants become more common or increasingly necessary due to an aging global population? Is executing someone without harvesting their organs then immoral? If you want an argumentative essay on capital punishment that will change the entire debate, discussing the pros and cons of using the death of a criminal to save the lives of the innocent is a ground-breaking subject.

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