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Historical research topics.

History is a discipline, research in which requires from the writer the ability to view the issues in global perspective and possess a good analytic skill for determining causal relations between the events. Despite you will operate some abstract concepts, you have to remember that, basically, history is subject based on facts that are usually in cause and effect connection that you are to recognize. When you are selecting your topic you can consider paying your attention to a particular country within some decades or during a minor period. Also, you can review the historical issues within exact segment of time or historical development of an industrial, scientific or cultural realm. Here is a list of topics for you to choose for your research paper or essay.

  1. Topics about historiography.
  • The historiography origin.
  • Is the statement that historical writing has its roots in Africa true?
  • Historiography in ancient civilizations.
  • Historical writing: genealogical interest.
  • Religious and ethical issues in historiography.
  • Historiography in ancient Greece.
  • Herodotus as the first historian.
  • Remarkable ancient Greek historians.
  • Historiography development in the Middle ages.
  •  Byzantium and its role in historical thought and writing.
  • The main principles of Renaissance historiography.
  • Historical methods of 19th century.
  • Basic historiographical patterns in the 20th century.
  • Innovations in historiography in 21st century.
  • The historiographical centers on the East.
  • Chinese integrated history writing.
  1. Topic about historical thought.
  • Theoretical and practical history.
  • Archeology as a source for history.
  • The role of cultures heritage for history.
  • Is history important for any other realms of study?
  • How do historians use comparative analysis in their studies?
  • The development of historical thought in the United States today.
  • The philosophical theories that serve as grounds for historical thought.
  • Should history be a mandatory subject at school?
  • Do technical specialists need to study history?
  • History and its idea.
  • Do you agree with the statement that history is repeating?
  • The meaning of economic growth for human history.


  1. Topics about Asian history.
  • How did European nationalism transform Asia?
  • Was western dominance reflected in Asia?
  • Far East and its historiography tradition.
  • Communist and Eastern Asia.
  • South Asian religious conflict.
  • The changes in independent Central Asia.
  • Political conflicts in South Asia.
  1. Topics about American history.
  • Atlantic frontier.
  • Federalism in America.
  • Did emancipation take place in American history?
  • Depression and it impact on social and economic development.
  • New Era.
  • American conflict in Korea.
  • Discord decades in the United States.
  • Historical tendencies in 20th century in the United States.
  • Causes of American Revolution.
  • The influence of September 11th on the American legislature and political moods.

Tips on historical writing.

  • Remember that writing for history requires you to operate facts and precise data.
  • Do not forget to support your statements with citing of documents and other sources.
  • You should rather conduct research on your own than rely on other historian’s opinions.
  • Make sure that your discussion is not politically, religiously or ethnically biased.

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