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How to Deal with a Bad Grade

You open the college or university website, enter the e-learning system database, and pass through the entire cycle of nervousness before finally getting to the page to see the grade you’ve got for that essay, test, or exam. There are times when you feel nothing but a surprising delight and relaxation after clicking that menu tab. But there also are heart-sinking cases when you realize your nights spent in a college library had just gone in vain and didn’t help you to deal with the assignment.


Deal with bad grade


So, you’ve got a bad grade. Yeah, writers know what you feel. Your soul was put into an epic essay text, but the professor didn’t recognize its wonderful and magical nature. Maybe, there was not quite enough time to prepare for the text. Or you just couldn’t get your mind focused on the right point to deal with the task due to some private troubles or exhaustion.

That happens.

Deal with it.

But how should you deal with your bad grade? First of all, know that it is not the end of the world. Here below, we have five points for you to pass through after a bad mark became your worst disappointment.

1. Distract from Your Device’s Display

Your emotions are everything that matters for you after getting a bad grade. You feel disappointment in yourself and your studying abilities. You are angry with the professor, and of course, you start imagining the worst possible future. The very first intention will probably be a will to send the professor some "heavy" email with a regrading demand.

If you haven’t done that before reading this article, stop. Don’t do that in any case. The best choice will be to let yourself calm down and distract from school troubles at all. Spend at least a day walking with friends or watching movie series to let the steam off. One bad mark is not a death sentence. It does not define your abilities and personality. Dwelling on it is probably the least productive way you could go.  

So, take a rest before deciding how to deal with a bad grade most effectively.  

2. Check the Bad Grade Feedback to Know How to Deal with It

Substantial effort and much time were put to deal with the task, so that is fine for you to feel confused with a bad mark. Let’s suppose you didn’t do everything at the very last minute, though correct time management does not always guarantee success. The most obvious reason for a professor to give you fewer points for the delivered task is the failure to keep up with instructions or the absence of a vital piece in a text.

The quality of work is not always the case either. Receiving the bad grade for an assignment is possible also because you couldn’t fulfill the criteria the teacher wanted you to do. So, it will be a smart step to check the provided feedback and to compare it with the assignment rubrics or instructions attentively before accusing a prof of putting a wrong mark.

3. To Deal with a Bad Grade, Ask Those Questions

After you checked and understood the given feedback, you might still have points requiring a more clarified explanation. The case of disagreement with the teacher's feedback may also happen, and bringing concerns up correctly is nothing terrible. So, at this point, it is time to ask all the questions you potentially have regarding your mark. The way how you do it matters a lot, so be as careful as you can.

First of all, never blame a professor for an unfair mark. Do not forget: you have the right to feel deceived and disappointed, as your emotions might dominate your logic. But despite all that, teachers mostly do not want to lower your marks intentionally. They won’t be saboteurs of your future on purpose. Think about it. Every teacher used to be an undergraduate student having to deal with bad marks in their past, too.

Keep that in mind, and be a professional and balanced person able to deal with a bad grade honorably. Address your reasonable concerns clearly and understandably. Ask the prof to assist you with additional recommendations (yes, mostly they have much of those). Let the teacher understand the course matters for you. Show them you want to be better, and not just to make them put a higher grade for nothing. 

4. Additional Assistance Might Help

In case you got a bad grade because of misunderstanding the materials of the course, make some improvements to deal with it. How was your class attendance? How did you deal with assigned reading materials and practice tests?

If everything was perfect, but you still couldn’t get a grade satisfying you, additional effort will help. Ask a groupmate to assist you with a course, or consider the option of hiring a tutor. Besides, don’t feel too shy or scared to send emails to teachers with a request to clarify tasks and to deal with unsatisfactory grades. Your education is not free, so squeeze the possibilities to the limit.


Bad grade deal


5. Engage the Battle (and Enjoy It)

Of course, getting a bad grade sucks. But it is an excellent point to learn something new and to be better in the future. A bad grade is not your endpoint, so don’t allow it to become an unbearable obstacle. Turn it into a motivational fuel to make you work even harder.

You checked that bad grade feedback. So, now you know for sure what the prof needs to get in future assignments. Use the gained advantage, because some of your classmates do not possess such knowledge. Memorize the demands and use the experience to deal with troubles, proceed, and get better grades. Being rewarded with the best grade after you fall down to a bad one is an excellent feeling for every student. 

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