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How to Make My Essay Longer

Are you juggling tons of research papers, essays and a couple of exams? Do not you know where to start from and how to finish your 5-page essay and a book review in one evening? These are questions that have always been tearing students apart. Unfortunately, we can’t help with this, essay writing goes through our entire years of education. However, the team of professional experts can deal with “write my essay” request.

We have all been assigned research papers, some in college, some in high school. Sometimes they are easy and short, and sometimes they are difficult and long. In this article, we are going to talk about those long ones. How to make your essay longer? Do not worry, making an essay meet minimum word counts is not an agonizing process as many thinks. It is possible to add length, clarity, and depth at the same time.

Efficient Tips on How to Increase Word Count in an Essay

How to make your paper longer

If your teacher decides to be a wild hippopotamus and assigns you 5,8 or 10-page essay, whether it is single-spaced or double-spaced, it will take you at least a couple of days (it also depends on how long the research will be).

So, here is the scenario. Your professor has assigned you a 6-page term paper, you only 3 pages deep into the thing and do not have any idea of what else to write and how to make it longer. You are officially stuck. In this situation, we all raise the same question – Is it even possible to make my essay longer? Yes, it is, relax. And now, you are about to learn how to do that.

Adjectives Are Crucial

So, what to do if you have already written 4 pages but you need 6 or you really want to extend some of the information you already have said? Did you do your research but it is just not adding up to the right number of pages? Adjectives are your best friend. What do I mean by this? Let us go over a few examples.

Let’s say one of the sentences in an essay sounds like this “I walked through the park to get to school”. We can easily throw in a few more adjectives in there and make that sentence longer. “I strolled calmly through the beautiful park to get to school”. It is a little bit better but you still can extend it. “Captivated by nature, I pondered life’s beautiful aspects as I calmly strolled through the intriguing and vibrant park to reach the school”.

What did that sentence really say? The same exact thing. Does not that sound way nicer? It is a much more descriptive and colorful sentence. And even though you are saying the same thing, when your teachers read it, when your professors graded it, they are never going to nitpick at you. So, when you finish your essay, reread it, go back, look at your sentences and think about “If I were a writer, how would I do it”? Throw in those adjectives in there to make papers longer. You can literally extend a 3-page essay to a 5-page essay.

Let us have some practice on how to make papers longer and take a cliché phrase from the soap opera – “Can you be my dad?” So, try to rewrite and make even this sentence longer by adding adjectives. This is what I came up with: “I could not appreciate anything more than the pleasure of having a kindhearted and realistic gentleman that I enjoy being my father”. It sounds funny but it is a good practice of creative writing as well.

So, picture yourself a famous poet and write your book reports, essays, movie reviews like you are a famous poet. Use contrasts, metaphors, similes.

How far can you go with making your essay longer? How much can you extend a simple sentence? “There are no limits” is a wrong answer. If you over-extend the sentences in your paper, you probably will just end up sounding stupid. Be careful about getting overly descriptive though, most teachers can tell the difference between descriptive and adding a bunch of words because you have nothing real to say.

Let us imagine you need to write an essay on your sociology class about families that have abuse or neglect on their children. Here is an example of what you should not do.

The original sentence: “Finally, if the social worker thinks there may be abuse or neglect, he or she will investigate”.

The over-extended sentence: “At the end of the interrogation involving crucial details about the nature of the situation, the child service member will decide whether the consideration of the story is required or not and will dispatch members of the local police to carry out a search of an inceptive idea in placement of the subconscious mind of their members to open an enlightened path of recommendation towards further investigation”.

Writing Broad

There are some phrases which are going to fit some way or another into every essay or research paper. Let us try some of these.

“Einstein’s theory began to work out in a more or less elaborate system”.

“Nikola Tesla’s theory began to work out in a more or less elaborate system”.

“Bernie Sender’s economic fulfillment strategies began to work out in a more or less elaborate system”.

If you give it a total range, it will work with anything and make your essay longer. You say “in a more or less elaborate system” and you just can’t be wrong. It can be applied to anything. If someone is reading it, they are not going to question that.

Add Supporting Quotation

Make papers longer

Chances are, you have already done the research and do not want to go back to this awful stage of essay writing. But I bet you probably have some sort of source material and unused highlighted sentences you can quote. By adding a supporting quotation, you enhance your argument while also driving up an essay’s page count. It is the easiest thing to do. Try to apply this to each of your supporting points. Find the author that agrees with you and quote him. Then, all of a sudden, the paper starts bulking up and it looks like you have done a little more research. So, that is one nice way to make papers longer.

Another great tip on how to make your paper longer is to add additional examples. Along those same lines, if your paper is about “why socialism is better than communism”, then you can give additional examples. We highly recommend you to think of a counter-argument against whatever your thesis is and debunk it. “Some people say that communism is good in this way, and here is why they are wrong”.

Technical Tips on How to Make an Essay Longer

Forget about contractions and use the full forms of the words. For example, instead of using “we’re”, write “we are" or instead of using "shouldn’t", write "should not". It will also make your essay appear more formal and longer.

Wherever it is possible, use specific names and surnames instead of pronouns. For example, instead of writing “they are about to decide what to do,” write “Lili, John and Max are about to decide what to do”.

How to make your paper longer? Add an introduction and a concluding sentence to each paragraph. These sentences should support your argument. Then summarize all the points you have just written and restate your opinion.

Include a couple of transitional phrases. The types of words like “however,” “therefore”, and “on the other hand” link the sentences to each other. Read your essay one more time and ensure all the sentences flow smoothly into each other.

On the web, you can find hundreds of tips on how to make an essay longer, but my favorite one is to take a break. If you run out of energy, ideas, and words, it is time to “refuel”. Go outside, rewards yourself with a bar of chocolate, watch an episode of ‘Friends” and laugh out loud. Then, come back and reread your essay. Believe me, a flow of new thoughts will definitely make your paper longer.

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