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10 Instagram Accounts for Learning English


When the Instagram network only entered the services market, everyone wanted one thing – to watch beautiful pictures and enjoy lives of other people on the other side of the screen.

However, after 7 years from the day the application appeared, much has changed: popular accounts still attract followers with colorful photos, but many bloggers do not stop only on this and decided to supplement the images with informative signatures. Perhaps, that is why today you can meet people who love Instagram for texts, and only then for pictures.

Personal accounts filled with meaning and emotions are in vogue now. Business profiles, in which everything happens according to a clearly defined plan, often make you think that they are not led by living people, but by robots who plan and plan posts for months and years ahead. Plans are cool, but a drop of human emotion never hurts.

On the other hand, there is an element of extremes. If it is a question of a profile of a living person, it is not necessary to show photos at every step of the day: a photo of breakfast, lunch and dinner, a photo of your desktop, a picture of your tired face, photos from an office window, photos from a bus and photos in front of your house door. It depreciates your account, because there is no point in all these photos, not to mention that they do not even have aesthetic value. You never have to forget about the measure, which must be present in each case which we undertake.

On average, we spend 15 minutes a day on Instagram, which develops in 8 months throughout life. And if there is still no profile with interesting posts for students of English in your news feed, then you lose time. Let us fix the situation: during the road to work and from work, you can learn a new idiom, repeat words, look at the mini-excerpt from the series, hear a few English accents and read a dozen short authentic texts. This will be enough to at least maintain your knowledge at the proper level.

Idiom Land

Do you know what apple of my eye means if it is not about Apple's technique, or who can have ants in the pants, or what does spring chicken look like? If you do not want to wait for the other shoe to drop with your English, join 128,000 subscribers of this account. Every day there will be a picture with a new idiom, its interpretation, history of appearance and examples of use in your news feed. Moreover – right after the picture, there will be a video with a passage from a movie or a series in which this idiom sounds, or a fragment of a song in which you can meet it.


This is the project of the creators of Idiom Land, dedicated to British and American slang. Each word or expression is also accompanied by a small video in which the character pronounces a word or an expression being studied. It is remembered much better this way!

Business English Yappi

Do not be confused by the word "business" in the name of the account: its creators create stylish and useful publications not only for those who need English in business communication. Most of the content is idioms and phrasal verbs. There is a benefit for those who do not like to read signatures: all the information and examples of use fit in the picture – flip through, stop looking, remember, flip further.

Cork English Teacher

Instagram has a huge number of English language teachers' author accounts, but the profile of the teacher from Irish Cork is characterized by systematic, highly informative posts with picture-memos and excellent short videos, in which he logically explains common mistakes, features of pronunciation or the meaning of some idiom.

Grammar Tips

If you are "visual" and best of all remember information, when it is "packaged" into a brief and clear scheme-instruction – this account is ideal for you. You can find there regularly appearing extremely understandable "memo" to this grammatical rule or another, difference between synonyms is explained and lists of phrasal verbs are given.

BBC Learning English

Of course, we could not do without the official BBC Learning English account: grammar, idioms, excerpts from radio transmissions, a selection of expressions – all with the same quality of the material.

Where can we go without A mini-version of the dictionary with all mega-useful facts is now available on Instagram. In this profile, you will see so well-loved by all wise quotations and rarely used words that you unlikely to meet at school or university.

English Learning Bubble Bee TV

It will be useful to subscribe to this profile because of very useful posts with popular conversational phrases – not slang, but namely questions, requests, complaints and assessments that will surround you when you will be in an English-speaking country.

English With Sherlock

If you like the "Sherlock" series the way we like it, you will like this account, which explores phrases and idioms that can be heard from the mouths of Mycroft, Moriarty and Mrs. Hudson.


Finally – an account that is not directly related to teaching or learning English, but that will definitely raise your spirits: its author, in a very ingenious form, derides everything that usually appears in the mere mortals’ news feed, from photos with cats and obligatory shots from the gym to unsightly snapshots of food and vague selfies.

Do not seek to subscribe to everything at once if you do not want to turn your news feed into the Punch-and-Judy show. Select the most-liked accounts and work with them. Believe, the result will be felt very soon and your knowledge of English will improve.

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