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The third step is manpower supply estimation. The human resources manager also performs this function. This means that he or she is responsible for finding out how many employs and managers are available in the company.

The first step is comparison of the manpower which consists of comparison of the supply of custom term papers, manpower and requirements. Sometimes it happens so that there is no difference or no significant difference between the supply of manpower and requirements of manpower. In such a case the human resources manager from the dissertation writing service is not required to take any actions and the reason is that the requirements are the same as the supply.

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In the case if there is significant difference, it is up to the human resources manager to take a range of actions. As a rule, they are the following:

1) In the case if the requirements of the manpower are lower than the supply, this means that there is a surplus. In such situation the human resources manager can lay off, remove staff, or apply voluntary requirement in order to write custom term papers.

2) When requirements of the manpower are higher than the supply, this means that shortage is required for dissertation writing service. Under such condition the human resources manager can apply promotions for workers; trainings to improve quality of the work performed, promotions, or hire more staff.

The seventh step is motivation. And again, it is a duty of the human resources manager to motivate the employees and managers through providing various forms of appraisal, including financial and non financial ones.

The human resources manager takes the eights step of planning and it is monitoring of the requirements of the manpower. The requirements are very important to be monitored because many employees, as well as managers, frequently leave companies by retirement, resignation and it is necessary to take into account that the new working force has different requirements and skills. Constant monitoring and providing the new staff with trainings helps managers to keep the balance of work in the company of dissertation writing service (Steps in Human Resource Planning – Planning HRP process).

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